Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just More Rain

Still not too much new going on 'round here.

Me and Ry worked outside a little bit the other day...lawd have mercy the skeeters are horrendous, with all the wet weather we've been having.

J's work schedule got messed up, instead of the shift-and-a-half he was scheduled to work every week, they put him on 24 hours every third day. Meaning, he's currently working a full 48 hours, and off 24 hours - of which he sleeps most of.
I like him not being here, but unfortunately nothing gets done.

I've thought about just hiring someone to do the work, but I have had horrible experiences hiring people around here in the past. Except for one, maybe two, people I've hired to do anything around here, they've all messed up and screwed up more than they've fixed. Idiots.

Anyway. No rain Sunday, or Monday during the day.
Last night, about 10'ish, Kev came down and said that Ryan had texted and told him to check the radar, that we were probably going to get some (he made "quote" marks with his fingers) "weather".

I just fell out laughing. 
It was hilarious because I never mentioned my funny little thought the other day.
K is so literal, saying "weather" in place of storms or rain would totally be aggravating to him.

Then he stepped out in the hall to the livingroom door and told his Dad to check the radar, there were some bad storms in Alabama headed this way.
J said "yeah I saw there was some weather coming in".

K threw up his hands and grrr'd, and I just cracked up laughing so hard.

Anyway, the severe storms weakened and we got a heavy rain and a little thunder around 1:30am.

Today is overcast and icky looking so far. More thunderstorms in the forecast for later today.

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