Thursday, June 12, 2014

AEMT Graduation

Tonight we attended the graduation of Ryan's AEMT (EMT-Advanced) class.

So now R is an Aviation Maintenance person, partial Computer Repairman, NPQ-FF2 (Firefighter), EMD certified 911 Dispatcher, and an Emergency Medical Technician - Advanced.
Reckon what he'll decide to do next?

My Aunt and Mom with R

Me and J with R

R with his Brothers

Dan, on the left, is R and K's half-brother, but R and K are full-brothers. Not much resemblance between any of them.

Dan has bright orange hair, and is pudgy. Ryan's a blonde, and tall and skinny. Kev's hair is a dark brown until the sun hits it and it shines like a copper penny. He's weighs the same as Ryan, but being a few inches shorter, he's not as skinny.

When they were little and people learned I had three boys, they'd say that must be nice, as far as being able to hand-me-down clothes.
Nope. Husky, Slim, and Regular, always.

I like to make up stupid redhead/blonde/brunette jokes to make them laugh.
"A redhead, a blonde, and brunette went to Walmart...."
"Yeah? What happened?"
"They shopped, because they were brothers. HAhhh-hahahaha!"
(They roll their eyes, but I know they're laughing inside.)

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