Friday, June 13, 2014

Guess What?

Did you know? The original Friday the 13th movie came out in 1980.
The same year I turned 13.

Thirty. Four. Freaking. Years ago.
OMWooooooow.  So crazy how time flies, but doesn't seem like it. I still think last decade was the 1990's, lol.

It's also a rare Full Moon/Friday the 13th combo. 

 Awesome stuff for Horror lovers!
Maybe not so much for J at the fire dept today, or R working at 911 tonight, lol.

We're on our 3rd round of thunder showers so far.
Rainy days are awesome for two things: curling up under a blanket and reading/napping/watching a movie, or doing some inside things like cleaning/baking/crafting/de-cluttering.

I've spent a lot of days this week reading and doing not much of anything. I would like to do some useful inside things, like sorting through some stuff to get rid of, or maybe some craft type stuff, or working on a garden journal.
I just can't seem to get started. I look at this or that and think, meh, I'll do it later.

I also don't feel good. Woke up around 4'ish am with stomach cramps. Not surprised - really only surprised it didn't happen sooner, as much bread/wheat/noodles foods as I've been eating the past couple of weeks.

I'd already been having some trouble with my Sciatia and some shoulder pain, gas and indigestion, so I knew I was doing wrong and needed to go back to eating less wheat products, but lately I've been finding myself standing in front of the freezer wondering what in the world I used to cook that didn't involve bread or noodles.  Other than my Meatloaf muffins, or hotdogs/hamburgers with no buns, I'm drawing a blank.

Ugh. I feel like I need another nap. Apparently just thinking about doing anything is exhausting today.

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