Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You Guessed It

Not only did we get rain today, it rained three different times.
Which I wasn't expecting because the screen door closed so easily without even any hesitation. 

J came in this morning (unexpectedly, he was supposed to be working a 24-hour today. They have his schedule soooo messed up).  We were out back pecking around, doing not much because the grass and yard was still so wet. He decided to go to the convenience center (dumpsters) and haul off the garbage. While he was loading the can, it came up a cloud and I said, looks like it might rain here in a minute.
It came a small, not much of a shower before he got back.

He came back in and took some online training for work, and I fell asleep on the bed. Then I got up and went to fix lasagne for lunch/supper. While I was cooking, it got really dark in the house and then I heard a long, low thunder. I hollered up the stairs and asked (my resident meteorologist) Kev if it was coming a storm. He said a small one, not much to it.
To not be much to it, it came a gully washer. Rained cats & dogs.

But still not as much as we got yesterday. J checked the rain gauge and said we had gotten exactly 1-inch of rain yesterday.

Came another small shower about an hour or so later.

I don't want to complain, because I'll be sorry if it ends up quit raining and doesn't rain again for a couple of months.
Anyway I'm not sure the rain is my real problem.
I was worried that the tomatoes would end up splitting open and/or be watery tasting, but they are planted on a slope so hopefully they are getting the water they need, and not too much more.

My blueberry bushes sit down in the very back, flat area of the yard, next to where the garden used to be. I've had the bushes for about 3-4 years and they never have really done too good - lack of sufficient water I think.  This morning I walked down and checked on them and one of the bushes is producing pretty good this year - compared to past years, and I was able to harvest a handful of juicy, delicious berries.
They were so good, too, just the right amount of sweet and tart. Not too watery or bland tasting at all.

I think my real problem is that the Catawba tree filled in a whole lot more than we were planning/expecting when we planted the Salsa garden in front of it.

I had thought when the sun came on up and is usually overhead of the backyard much of the day, the garden area would get at least as much sun as it needed, but turns out, most of the row of the Rutgers tomatoes are shaded even as late as 2:30 in the afternoon (maybe later, it clouded up after that and I couldn't tell).
Due to the rain, I guess, the Rutgers plants are really tall, but they aren't as thick or filled in as the other plants on the rows that get more sun.

Other than gardening updates, I haven't much else to update because I haven't been doing much else. It's too icky-sticky-damp to be outside much, but mostly it's the mosquitoes are so horrible right now, they eat you alive. They're even eating J, and he usually isn't bothered by them too much.
I also haven't been in a great mood (still). My Dad upset me the other day. The rain isn't helping. Kev had some issues with his feet that freaked me out - both his big toes got infected, ingrown toenails. The nurse at the foot doctor's said teen boys are the worst about that, but my two older boys never had that happen, so it was a new one on me. They looked terrible.
I hit a wall on any de-hoarding, de-cluttering, cleaning out. I had said I was going to try to do at least one crafty project a week or every so often, but can't seem to get anything started.
Between the rain and J's screwed up schedule, we're not making a bit of progress on any of our projects and it's starting to cause me anxiety issues.

So, I just sit down and read, and usually end up falling asleep. Anxiety is apparently exhausting.

Update: As I was writing this post, J texted and told me to look at the radar. Here comes some more.

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