Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer/Camp Game(s)

I've started planning for our next Road Trip next month and, as typical, tend to get distracted along the way.

I spotted this squirt gun game on Pinterest and thought, that looks like something that might be fun while sitting around the camp during some down times.

I used to have random golf tees and lightweight ping-pong balls around here, but apparently they ended up gone during one of my get-rid-of-it spells.

I figured I'd go to Dollar Tree for water guns, so maybe they'd have tees and balls there.

I was able to find Peg Board Games with pegs that are similar to golf tees. 
They had a few different games, but me and my youngest are always playing TTT on paper or my Kindle, so I figured this one could get double play.

I couldn't find anything like ping-pong-type balls, only bouncy balls, which might work fine with this one as the board is small anyway.

I saw some Spinning Top party favors that reminded me of fishing bobbers in color, so instead of buying anything, I figured I'd give bobbers a try. I knew we had a bunch of these in J's fishing supplies already.

The tic-tac-toe board turned out too small, I think. If you hit the front (target) they all fall, and you have to go set them all back up again after one shot.

The pegs worked fine, as did the bobbers, so I'll probably find up a scrap piece of lumber, drill holes, paint, and make it more like the original version in the top photo, where the targets are lined up in a row.

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