Saturday, May 31, 2014

Graduation Tassel Christmas Ornament

We're getting some more nice little t-storms this evening, lots of good rain after a good day of sunshine.

J came in after a 48-hour shift (24/24) and had a massage appointment midday, so it wasn't much of a work day. Usually I don't plan any kind of project/work on days after he works 48 hours, so that we did anything at all was a win.
There was some trim and paneling left on the carport ceiling he finished tearing on out, then we finally went down and pulled the destroyed pool cover off the pool.
It had gotten ripped nearly to shreds....last year, or maybe the year before?...during a severe storm with some big winds. I was afraid it was going to go ahead and shred on apart and end up sinking in the swamp  pool.

Otherwise, I did a Pin project: a Graduation Tassel Christmas tree ornament.

Some time back, when I first started sorting and de-hoarding, I had rubbermaid tubs for each of the boys that I put some of their more important keepsakes in, but apparently my oldest's graduation tassel had gotten left on his graduation cap instead of put in his tub.
I had been going to keep all their graduation caps and gowns, too, but then decided just keeping the tassel was enough.

A few days ago, I was upstairs going through some things and saw the tassel hanging around and remembered this project to do with it.

I had some clear glass ornament balls and removed the cap, inserted the tassel, fed the cord through the slit in the cap, and replaced the cap.
The year charm wouldn't fit in the hole, so I took it off and, for the moment it's safety pinned to the hanger loop, until I get some jewelry chain or something to hang it from eventually.

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