Sunday, September 01, 2013

It's September 1st

Even though I'm still hesitating and wiffle-waffling on painting that wall, I've been excited to decorate my mantel, with regular, non-holiday/seasonal specific stuff. I had found those vintage wooden box canisters upstairs while going through some stuff a few days ago, and the wire egg basket usually sits on my kitchen table but I moved it when I sewing last week.   That (and some random stuff that always get laid on any available empty surface) were the only things on there.
Which was good, because junking it up would be a hassle when I went to paint that wall.

But here lately, I've been seeing all these great and wonderful Fall and Halloween ideas on Pinterest. Especially Halloween. I always do this, get excited about Halloween, or Christmas, early, and by the time the day actually arrives I'm so over it.

Anyway, earlier I was upstairs digging around in my Halloween bins to see if I had any monster make-up (I didn't, WTH?), and wanted to start getting all my Halloween decor out. I refuse to allow myself to decorate or watch any Halloween movies or eat any Halloween type candy until October 1st.

I have my favorite Halloween movie, Halloweentown on DVD and could watch it all year, but then it'd get boring and old and tired and not special anymore. And the stores are already putting out the Halloween candies, which most of isn't much different than the usual candy, chocolate bars and Airheads and such, except for Brach's Assorted Halloween Mellowcremes, my favorite, and also the mellowcreme pumpkins and Corn Corn. Nope, I can't have any until October 1st.

Anyway, I put everything back away and came downstairs and messed with something else, can't remember what, but at some point it dawned on me that today was September 1st.

Generally that wouldn't mean much, usually only that we'd be in about our third week back to school and it's still hot as heck around here and no one's even thinking about leaves changing or pumpkin patches or apple cider yet.

But I managed to rationalize to myself that since I'm allowed to start doing up for Halloween on October 1st, when Halloween isn't until October 31st - and the same with Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December - then I should be allowed to decorate for Fall on September 1st, since Autumn starts September 22nd. Right?

Turns out I don't really have a lot of Fall/Harvest decor, per se. I found up that plastic dollar-store apple/leaves serving bowl, and this brown bag of fake Autumn leaves from an old project.

(I used to have flower window-boxes on my upstairs windows and every season/holiday I'd change out the flowers with fake flower bunches from the Dollar Tree. I'd put these leaves, along with bouquets of fake roses I spray painted black for Halloween, then just leave these leaves by themselves through November.)

Then I thought about all my Jack-o-Lanterns. I thought, turned around backwards, they're just pumpkins. Pumpkin is for Fall/Harvest decorating.

I had found the ceramic vase (made by my Grannie - my other Grannie, not the one whose bedroom/sheets I inherited - over 45 years ago)  and had put with my Halloween stuff, intending to stick my spray-painted black roses in there later. I saw where others had just stuck sticks in a vase, so I went out and broke off several out of the burn-pile.
I may or may not tape the fake leaves to them to give them some color, can't decide.

That was all I had at the moment, and knew there was a blank space on the wall above the canisters, when I recalled the oil painting a friend painted for me, gosh, probably 20 years ago. It's a gorgeous Fall scene on a farm with an old wagonbed, gatepost, and wooly sheep walking along the lane.
I hung it on a Command hook, and am praying it doesn't let go and fall.

So, it's not done. That's just what I had. I plan to keep scouting around the house and seeing what other Fall/Harvest type treasures I can dig up. Then maybe I can spread that glut of pumpkins out to decorate on my Sweetheart cabinet, and/or the Livingroom mantel.

As soon as I get them cleaned off. (Seriously, does anyone else have that problem of any little clean/empty space always getting piled up with stuff??)

Hmm, we didn't have a tv over the mantel last year this time, or Christmas. Guess I'll just drape Garland over it and call it decorated.

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