Saturday, September 14, 2013

Country Drive & Yard Sale'ing

Ryan found some car parts from a guy on Craigslist who is over in Alabama about an hour from here, so we took a nice little drive in the country.

 It was an absolutely gorgeous day for a drive. Sunny, clear, cool(er) temps, very low humidity. Just perfect.

And even better, it being a beautiful Saturday, there were yard sales along the way. (I really should have stayed home and had my own yard sale on a day as gorgeous as this. Oh well.)

This little guy (gal?) is about 2 feet tall and has blinking eyes. It was only 25¢, I couldn't pass it up with Halloween coming.

Tiny vintage Santa sleigh and reindeer decoration I hope to be able to use in a Pinterest craft, DIY snow-dome or some such. I paid 10¢ for it. (The shotgun shell is just for size reference.)

Is this sweater ugly?  My oldest son's fiance' mentioned an idea she had where we all dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters for Christmas. I love tacky stuff like that and thought it sounded like a great idea, so I've been on the lookout for cheap ugly Christmas sweaters. Or, any Christmas sweater, I guess, because Christmas decorated sweaters aren't ugly to me. I think they're awesome. Got this one for 50¢.

I had told Ryan about my idea for making the Barbie Head toy I bought into a Creepy Altered Doll for Halloween, so when we saw this Crazy Eyed doll at one yard sale he said I should get it and (make it into a Creepy Altered Doll). Actually he said it was already Creepy as it was, lol.  I gave 40¢ for it. (They asked 50¢, but I had 40¢ in my pocket.)

There was a thrift store along the way back so we stopped in to check it out. Didn't find any Treasures there. Oh they lots of stuff I'd have taken for free, but nothing I really wanted to spend money on.

I did buy these (4) Little Golden books.

Books were the biggest things I Hoarded above anything else. Any  and every book that I ever got in my hand became mine; fiction, non, adult, childrens, manuals, recipe...
Even when I decided I had to stop Hoarding, books weren't even up for consideration to be gotten rid of.

Until I realized I could Hoard books on my computer/e-reader and they wouldn't take up as much physical space.

Then I was able to let a lot of my books go, but some of the ones I kept are Little Golden books from when I was a kid and my kids were kids. I decided to keep the ones I already had, but not add to the collection. No more collecting.

Until yesterday evening, me and Ryan went in Walmart for a couple things and he wanted to look for a particular magazine, so we stopped in the book section, where I haven't been in a very long time now. (Even before I got my Kindle I had stopped buying books new and had been trading at the Used Book Store.)
Anyway there was a rack on the end of one of the shelves filled with Little Golden books, and the price sticker said $3.00 and some were $3.79. The actual retail value on the book was $3.99.

OMG, I nearly had heart failure right there. I had to pick up several books and look through them to see if they were maybe, I don't know, triple the pages they used to be? 3 freakin' $'s? Are they crazy?
I used to pay 79¢ for a brand new Little Golden book. They were like 59¢ when I was a kid. WTF?

So the kids books were 4/$1.00 at this Thrift Store (and honestly, I still thought that was too much for these books. I used to pay 10¢ for thin little kids books, and 25¢ for Chapter books at Yard Sales), anyway I picked me out 4 Little Golden books.
Kind of a thumbing-my-nose at the ridiculous Walmart/Retailer prices, I guess.

They had more, but I didn't get carried away with my little rebellion, ha.

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