Saturday, October 29, 2011

One More Down...

I cannot seem to take a good picture to save my life.

At any rate, the first picture (left) shows the wall with the Famous 70's Pecan Paneling removed and the sheetrock patched, except the bottom part where we tore a section out to be able to run some wires and the gasline for the fireplace.  The second picture (right) shows after I primed it with Kilz. Big difference.

Here's the wall painted a blue-grey color I've forgotten the official name of.  It looks much better in person. It'll look a whole lot better when it gets trim, but just painting was like a thousand percent improvement.

I did a little Halloween decorating on the fireplace top, but it didn't come together very well. Looks like I just sat some stuff around on a shelf or tabletop.

This black roses bunch started out as a regular, cheap bunch of red roses from the Dollar Tree and I just spray painted the whole thing black. I did several bunches of them for a larger arrangement some years previously, and didn't have a smaller vase (that I could readily locate) for a single bunch so I just latched them over the wine bottles.
I found the novelty bottle label stickers at the Dollar Tree, too.

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