Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I follow a lot of the "Shopper Blogger", deal, coupon, what you call them, Pages on Facebook, so I'm able to see quickly when a new/good deal pops up.
Last week a Code to get $10.00 off of a $10.00 (or more) purchase at JCPenney showed up.

Using the code when you order online saves you $10.00 off something you wanted/needed anyway, or Free stuff.
Since I didn't need anything, I checked the Clearance to see what might interest me or make a gift for someone (shopping clearance gets me more item(s) for my money).
By the time I got there, most of the stuff was Sold Out, but I lucked up and found these great Curtain Clips. I had bought some last year when I was attempting the Dyed Dropcloth Curtains. If they had worked out I would have needed to buy some more, but I ended up giving up on the project for the time being. Maybe (hopefully) I'll try another project this Summer, since my livvyroom still has no curtains.

The rings were on clearance for $7.00, so I had to find something else that cost (at least) $3.00. All I could find was a pair of little 3 mos. baby boy jeans. I don't know anyone with a new baby boy to give them to, so they'll probably end up in my yard sale or donated.

Someone gave J a bag of pecans while he was working...um, I forget if it was the FD or ambulance.
That's what great about living/working in a Rural area, many of the people still appreciate the Helpers and don't take them for granted or as their due.

I've already been working on shelling & freezing these for Fall & Christmas baking and treats.

Another load of Scrap Wood and Stuff.
This came from our other house, where my oldest son lives now. Long story....
Anyway, there are some old out-buildings and during the Winter the lean-to section on the back of the largest building collapsed and we've needed to clean it up anyway but just hadn't made the time/effort to go do it. But we needed some more trash wood/slats for the tater condos, so we went over and loaded up all we could. Still a good bit more to go, too.

Not only is there a lot of scrap wood, but I found some PVC pipe and some plumbing and electrical doo-dads and gee-gaws (just miscellaneous things like brackets and sockets and boxes and whathaveyou) up under the building.

I'm actually excited to clean the place up, for the Treasure Trove of Stuff and Junk.
On the other hand, my severe terror of snakes trumps the excitement and makes me not as enthusiastic to go over there digging around too much.

Over the Winter months things tend to accumulate and pile up in the carport, on the back porch, on the storage shed porch, in the storage room, etc.  My back porch is my Summer retreat. Even with the A/C thermostat set up around 80, I still get cold in the house so I spend a good bit of time hanging out on my back porch, reading and doing crafty things.

So I've been working on getting it cleaned off. It's kind of difficult- well, I make it more difficult than it should be, I'm sure.  I have a hard time with moving/removing/taking care of one thing at a time, at times. I want to go out there and take everything completely off the porch to bare floor, then just put back what I want.
Luckily the weather hasn't been cooperative enough for me to do that before now. Before I had a chance to think, yeah that's probably not the best idea. Everything I don't put back on the porch, will have to be put somewhere, not left just sitting out in the yard.
Which means it'd probably end up in the carport or storage shed/room, and since I also have plans to clean them out, too, eventually, I'd end up dealing with the Things again, and maybe again and again.

I dialed back on the Gung-ho and started dealing with things one at a time, and actually doing something with the thing while I had my hands on it.

There was a stack of papers I had been working on trying to shred, but my shredder wasn't doing very well. I ended up taking it apart to try to "fix" it...and now it'll never work again...yeah, so, I ended up cutting up the papers with scissors. I would've said to heck with it and just threw them away, but I need them for my compost I'm trying to build back up.
I did remove some scrap wood that had been left on the porch when we worked on a kitchen project over the Winter back to the storage shed porch where we keep the scrap wood, and sorted out a box with Pellets and used Targets and such the boys had left out there after doing some target shooting. And threw away a walmart sack of trash. I'm not even sure where that much trash was out there.

I also came across a Rubbermaid tub I had gotten from a lady off Freecycle back around Thanksgiving of last year, if I remember rightly.
She had advertised several things; I had particularly wanted the baby crib mattress support frame thing, and also ended up with a printer, a tv wall mount, and a Rubbermaid tub of Christmas glasses. It was a "take it all, freecycle what you don't want" deal.

I hadn't even looked at the glasses until today. Holy Moly. She must have a big family or lots of friends to need such large sets of glasses. Discounting the broken ones, there were 29 of the Winter-Tree theme glasses, and 21 of the Holly...are those glasses or dessert/ice cream dishes?

Closer up view:

There was also a large Christmas jar, a coffee/hot chocolate mug, and a lovely red bird dish.

You'll be happy to know (or you probably really don't care, but *I* am happy to know) that I'm only keeping the lovely red bird dish and the large Christmas jar - and the large Christmas jar may be iffy.

I wrapped the glasses more securely in their bubblewrap and divided them into a couple of boxes and they and the mug are in the yard sale pile.

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