Thursday, May 02, 2013

UpSideDown Strawberries

While we were at Wally-World awhile back getting our seed potatoes, they had a bag  of Strawberry...plants (if you could call them that), so I made an impulsive purchase decided to try to raise some Strawberries, to see if I could, and if I could, to can or freeze some Strawberry Shortcake Sauce.

What I know about raising Strawberries:

While I was reading at This Site about potato condos, I saw that this lady used 2-ltr soda bottles as homemade topsy-turvy planters, and said that her strawberries did well because slugs couldn't get to them.

I don't have a strawberry planter, so I was deciding between a hanging basket, clothes basket, pvc pipe, old gutter, or 5 gallon bucket for planting.
But I had some 2-ltr bottles already, so that meant I didn't have to buy anything, de-gutter the house, or drill holes in one our buckets. Slugs can't get in for the win.

I prepared the bottles by cutting off the bottoms (save the bottom "bowl" and lids for other projects), punched holes in the bottom (now top) sides, and added a wire hook.

I opened the package of Strawberry....plants to see a big ol' pile of WTH is this?
Some mulch and a wad of...stuff. Thank goodness for Google and people sharing information, I was able to find out on This Site what to do with the bundle of stuff. I would have had no idea it had a rubberband around it otherwise.

I cut the rubberband and separated out the....plants as best as I could. Supposedly one end is the crown, the other is the roots. Hopefully I got them right.

I soaked the plant a few minutes and snipped a bit off the ends of the roots as per the instructions of This Video.

I had found another video that showed how to "plant" these in the 2-ltr bottles, but lost the page and couldn't find it again. Booo, hate when that happens.

Anyway I stuck the crown of the plant (I hope) down through the neck of the bottle, and filled in with potting soil.

 I filled the bottle part way with soil and watered well, then added more soil. I didn't water the added soil since we're supposed to be getting some rain these next few days.

They don't look very promising, do they?

We'll check back in on these in a week or so.

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