Thursday, May 23, 2013


Something that makes me go, "Hmmmm..." is the Lysol No Touch soap dispenser thing.

I remember when these first came out new, as with most new products there were great sales and the Company put out good, high-value coupons so you could get these for just a couple bucks
The ladies on the shopping blogs and message boards I frequent were beside themselves with excitement over these things, acting they were the next best thing since Penicillin.

Maybe I'm missing something.
I'm self-admittedly not the brightest crayon in the box, but I've thought and thought about this...okay, well, I didn't really give it more than a little thought, but then I saw another name brand Touchless soap dispenser in a catalog recently and it said:

"Let's think this through - if you hands are dirty, why should you be touching a soap dispenser? Defeats the purpose, right? Solve the problem with this dispenser..."

So, I thought it through - again - and I still don't get it.

You have dirty hands, so you walk to a sink to wash them.
1. You turn on the water, usually by a handle or knob.
2. Manually press the plunger of your Touchable soap dispenser and squirt soap in your hand.
3. Wash hands, and rinse.
4. Turn off water, by the handle or knob.

Let's review - you turned on the water by turning a handle or knob, with your dirty hands.
You touched the soap dispenser with your dirty hands.
You washed your hands, then turned off the water, with your clean hands.

Which are now dirty again, because you turned the water on with dirty hands to start with.
You didn't touch the soap dispenser again after washing your hands, so why does it matter if it's dirty?
How does that cut down on germs, or "Help stop the spread of bacteria"?

What am I missing about this? I just can't figure it out.

ETAsk: Am I supposed to wash my hands and the faucet knobs at the same time? I wasn't taught that growing up. But if that's the case, then I suppose I could wash my manual soap dispenser at the same time, so I still don't see a no touch soap dispenser being any better than a regular one.


Shelly Mac said...

I love this!

I actually wash the soap dispenser and wipe off the faucet with an antibacterial wipe. I also refuse to touch the door of a public restroom. I use a paper towel. My hubby thinks I should live with Howie Mandel!

Melissa said...

My thought was more about wasteful consumerism, but you bring up a good point, Shelly Mac. People that really need to be concerned about germs, those in poor health or taking Chemo, could be mislead by this thing claiming to do something that I just can't see it doing.

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