Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drop Cloth Curtains

According my Stats, I get a lot of hits on the Drop Cloth Curtains post, which, of course, was a Project Fail.  My drop cloth panels were too short.

At the time, I hadn't gotten my sewing machine back out yet, and after over a dozen years of having not sewed anything with it, I wasn't/still am not really confidant in my ability to sew any kind of length onto the drop cloths to make them the right length. Nor did I have a clue what color material would match the weird color they'd turned out from half a dye job.

I considered dying them again to see if I could get the darker brown color I had been going for to start with, but there was still the problem of the panels being too short, so seemed like a waste of money. (The RIT dye is around $6.00 a bottle.)

So, while I meditated on the problem, I got my sewing machine out, cleaned it up, and attempted to brush up on my sewing skills by making a t-shirt blankett-shirt blanket. (Oh yay, a post full of Project Fails today.)

Anyway, the point of mentioning that being, once I figured out to use the iron-on Fusible Webbing, the project started going along better.
(Even though I'm still too scared to cut up my other t-shirts yet.)

Along about this time, I came across a Pin on Pinterest, where a lady was wanting to change the look of her plain cream-colored curtain panels, without permanently altering them. So she cut strips of (black) fabric and used Fusible Webbing to attach them to the panels.
She also used Fusible Webbing to attach (black) ribbon over the rough edges of the (black) material.

It occurred to me that I could add big stripes of material to my drop cloth panels, with one at the bottom and/or top to extend the length of mine. Easy, no sewing involved, and it wouldn't look like a drop cloth with a piece of material sewed to the bottom.

I had plans to try this new project and post how it went, if was easy, if it was a success (or not).
But things are not going my way this summer, and it's not really looking good for this project to ever get done, so I thought I'd go ahead and post the idea for any of the visitors landing here looking for ideas about this.

BTW, you can also use printed oblong tablecloths the same way in place of curtain panels.

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