Friday, May 17, 2013

Staples Paper 1/10¢

Staples really wants people to have paper this week.

Now they're offering 10 packages (reams) of paper for 1¢ after Rewards. That's 1/10th of a Cent per ream.

Print This Coupon and go to the store and buy a case of paper for $48.99 - $9.98 instant savings with coupon.

Submit for $39.00 Staples Rewards.

Final cost 1¢

(Limit 1 - In store only - Expires 5/18/13)

*Rewards can only be spent at Staples, and if you spend them on other Rewards items, you won't get those Rewards. You'd spend these on a larger purchase you were making anyway, like printer ink, or hope that some Easy Rebate deals comes along so you can turn the Rewards back into Cash.

To be honest, I personally wouldn't do this deal, I'd hold out for the paper that's free after Easy Rebate instead. Unless I was a Teacher or Business owner that uses a really lot of paper and regularly make other purchases at Staples anyway.

Mostly I was posting this deal to show my point about how much paper one can get for Free or nearly free. If you were to have bought all the paper posted just this past week or so, you'd have 31 reams of paper for a final cost of 1¢ (plus tax, if your state charges sales tax).

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