Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodwill Shopping

There's a Blog I follow called The Non-Consumer Advocate. Owned by Katy Wolk-Stanley, her goal is to help people learn to live on less, and to do so in a way that lessens their environmental impact.

While I'm not as concerned with the environment impact as I probably should be, I do enjoy her posts on Frugality and Re-using, and especially her Goodwill store posts. Her Goodwill/thrift stores have some great deals, and she finds some hilarious items that will make you laugh.

I had a Doctor's appt this morning, and some errands to run, so I left early to do the errands first. I ended up getting them ran sooner than I thought and had some time so I ventured into our local Goodwill (our local Goodwill actually being the next town over).

I'm either not humorous or witty enough to spot hilarious things, or our local Goodwill Donators just don't have funny or interesting crap.
But I did find myself some good deals.

First off, I bought myself some shorts. I haven't bought myself shorts in years. I mean years. The ones I have are jean, and short. My butt and thighs are some bit larger than they were were 10 years ago.

I found this mirror with a little blue glass shelf while I was digging in the picture frame shelves. It was strange, I can't explain how it was in/on the shelf, but for some reason, that it was a nice mirror with a little blue shelf wasn't obvious at first glance. Or second, or...

Once I finally got to it/dug it up and saw what it was, I was like, this is a pretty neat looking mirror. I considered for the upstairs bathroom (still in mid-remodel state, has no mirror, but no sink either, so doesn't really need a mirror at the moment).

When I looked at the price, though, I said this mirror is going home with me even if I use it in the chicken house or wherever.  It was less than $5.00....only $4.94.
The Cashier was impressed by my good find.

I also found this nice Sisters picture frame. I don't usually buy picture frames, I guess because I don't usually frame/hang pictures. But I was thinking maybe I could get a pic of me and my sister together one of these days when we see each other again and this would make a nice gift for her. But then I thought about the especially adorable picture of my two nieces my sister sent recently.  It's a "portrait" mode, as opposed to "landscape" or "sideways" mode like this frame, so I'm not sure if I can make it work, but I thought what the heck, I'll try.


*In case you haven't seen/heard it: Thrift Shop (Caution: Language)

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