Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Free Writing Utensils and Post-It Notes

On May 5th, I posted about how to get free writing supplies at Office Max. At the time I was only $7.32 from reaching the $75.00 needed to earn a bonus $10.00 in Rewards.

Today they have a new Free after Rewards offer for more writing utensils and Post-it notes.

There's a limit of 2 of each item, but some of the items are already sold out.
I put the rest of the available items in my basket to see how much it would cost, and it came up to $59.88, which would get free shipping.

But I would be $22.some-odd amount away from another $75.00 mark and not sure there will be another Free after Rewards sale between now and when the Rewards quarter ends. It says Rewards will be issued in July, so the quarter likely ends in June, which isn't far away.

Also, if I went ahead and bought all the items just because they are free, even without reaching the $75.00 mark for another Bonus Reward, that puts me at having about $130.00 in Rewards to spend in the next few months.
From my experience, Rebates where I could turn the Rewards back into cash, are few and far between at Office Max.

So, I chose to only buy the Post-It Notes, and no more Writing utensils this time.
I love Post-it Notes, I use a lot of them when I have digital photos printed, I write dates and information on the note and stick it to the back of the photo, so I don't damage the picture writing on it.

The Notes I got are on sale for Buy 1 get 1 50% off, so my total for 2 packages was $19.94 (plus tax).
I could have only bought one pack and reached my $75.00 goal, but like I said, I like and use Post-It Notes a lot, and besides the 2nd package was half-off, and besides, they're Free in the end.

I chose free in-store pickup to save on shipping charges.

In the end, I will have spent $87.62 (plus tax), and will get back $97.62 in Rewards, making all the markers, pens, and post-it notes free, plus a small profit on my money.

This Reward will be issued in July, and will be good for a couple or three months, just in time for Back-to-School sales.
The Office Supply stores usually have some awesome BTS deals. Free after Rewards/Rebate backpacks, free school supplies, copy paper, etc.

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