Monday, November 10, 2014

Some Things

A bit later this year, but I made my annual batch of Apple Pie Moonshine this week.

Speaking of apples, I finally got started on some of the ones Mom brought me last week.

I believe these are McIntosh apples, but I could be wrong. 

Cut and peeled the apples. All the leavings went into a jar to start a batch of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Cubed apples into the crock pot to make homemade Apple Butter.

We got a couple of home projects done this week, or maybe only this one. I think we started another one and didn't finish because...I can't remember why.

Anyway, we put this door in (what will eventually be) the diningroom.

It's probably unconventional, and it covers my loverly shelf-between-the-studs cabinet, but I just really wanted the door there.

Now with the door in the kitchen, and this one, if the electricity were to go out during this "extra cold winter" they're predicting, I can shut the house down to the kitchen (with a gas stove), the livingroom (with a gas fireplace and sleeper sofa), my bedroom and the bathroom.

We'll stay warm and cozy, be able to cook (except I still need to get my oven door seal fixed), and sleep comfortably.

Hopefully it won't get bad enough that we lose electricity for any amount of time - we'd all probably go totally bonkers without our electronics at this point - but I feel better being prepared just in case.

And then on Friday we left to go spend the weekend up at my parents' place in the mountains. 

J and R did some hunting, and J and me did some looking around/shopping in town.
Found some thermals and fleece leggings, 12 pr socks, and (I forget if anything else) at the Everything's $5.00 store.

We visited the "Always Christmas" shop. It's been there for years, but I'll only go in it around November/December.

The store is gorgeous, I love all the Christmas decor and stuff, but I prefer to keep Christmas limited to a certain time of the year.
Like I tell the kids, if we had Christmas everyday, it wouldn't be as special. It would just  be like any other day of the week.

(Just when you thought I couldn't take any worse pictures:)

They have huge displays of all kinds of Christmas villages. I'm such a sucker for Christmas villages!
(But not the prices, plus I have no place to display a village, so as much as I love them, the only kind of village I own are the Putz/Glitter house,  house, churches, camper, Nativity I've been making lately.)

They had lots and lots of beautiful and interesting and other Nativity sets. (Too bad you can't see how nice and loverly they really are.)

Omg, remember the 50¢ Scrabble games I found at a thrift store awhile back, I was wanting the letters out of to make craft projects?

Maybe I should card mine up and sell them for $8.00 a piece!? Say whaaaa? 

We had a nice weekend. It was good to get away for a few days, and then come back. I love going on a get-away, but I just as much love coming back home.

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