Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello? Complaint Department?

I'm cold. Whiny-azz cold. I live in Georgia, not Whizconsin...please turn the heat back up.

I used to say, Well, this chilly weather is okay, it puts me in the Christmas spirit.
I take it back. I don't feel the Christmas spirit, all I feel is cold. And whiny.

I was so cold earlier I was tongue-tied and said, "it's 38 disease out here". 
And my brain is frozen.
I needed to make an appointment with Kev's foot doctor (Podiatrist), Dr. LaPointe.  But I got all messed up and called him "Dr. LaFoote". Argh!

(Yes, I know it's colder Up North. Everyone has my permission to be whiny, too.)
(Except Floridians. They should be thanking the stars.)

I just discovered the small hole in the corner of the pocket of the jeans I've been wearing all day has turned into a large hole.
Good thing I'm wearing fleece leggings under them so I didn't moon people.
But dang, I don't have that many pair of jeans that are comfortable and I like.

I'm put out with the Mall. It's not Christmas decorated enough.

Where are the door wreaths? The garland? Ribbons, bows, giant ornaments? Streetlamp swag?

Oh, there's one wreath. Woo. Hoo. Hope they didn't put their selves out too much hanging all that wreath. My bad, all maybe 6 wreaths all the way around the place.

Food court. Anyone taking a lunch break from all that Holiday shopping?
Holiday? I don't think there's a Holiday here?

Oh, wait, look real hard, someone went to a lot  of trouble setting out a couple of Poinsettias.

Really, Mall Management?

Maybe I'm wrong, but, if I own a Mall, and I want to lease my spaces to businesses, seems like I need to do my part to help get customers (shoppers) in to the place, and especially at this time of the year, in the mood to spend $$$$$$ in my customers (the lessees) stores, so that they (my lessees) can survive and be able to pay the rent. No?

Lame Lane.

 To be fair, they have a Visit Santa box, (even if it is the same Santa box they've had for the past I don't remember how many years)

And a stage with some gift wrapped presents. In the past, kid groups, school choirs, I guess, have sang Christmas Carols here.
Back when the Mall was better. More inviting. Had a lovely fountain, a carousel, nice Christmas decorations. Even a Mall gift-wrap place.

But I want to see Malls more like this:

And this,

And this,

And all of these.

I went to look in My Pictures for the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga we visited a couple years ago....pretty sure it was just, like, the year before last.

I couldn't find the pictures! Nor of the Enchanted Garden Lights at Rock City we visited at the same time!
Freaking out! Where are my pictures? Had I lost them between changing computers?!

Turns out, it wasn't the year before last when we made a family Christmas trip to Hamilton Mall/Rock City....
It was five freaking years ago!

Five! Years! That's absolutely crazy. I remember it like it was recent.
Five years ago, Kev was still only in 10th grade in school. He's been graduated for...a long time now.

Time, flying by so fast, stahp it!

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