Sunday, October 26, 2014

Putz/Glitter Nativity

Thursday, me and D went to the free mobile food give-away, and thrift store shopping again.

I was hoping to find those vintage flocked deer I passed up a couple of weeks ago. Of course, they were gone.
I hate when that makes me buy everything I think I might regret not buying the next time.

Anyhoo, I did get lucky and find a tiny Nativity set close to the same size as the set I had bought at Michael's the other day.

I paid $2.50 for it, which I likely wouldn't have any other time, but after I just paid $4.00 for the 6-piece set at Michael's, this was pretty much a deal.

I ended up only taking 2 pieces of the new set - the donkey (right) and a Shepherd (left) - to use in my Nativity/Manger scene.

I didn't have room for the entire new set, plus I already had a Mary, Jesus, and Joseph in this scene.

In this scene a couple of shepherds have arrived to see Jesus, and the Three Wise Men haven't arrived yet.

My intention is to eventually make another Nativity/Manger scene using the other set and it will have the Three Wise Men.

I also found this set for 50¢. 

I don't currently have plans for it, but wasn't about to pass it up. I haven't been having too good of luck finding smaller Nativity sets in the stores.

Strangely enough, after I found the one rather lame tiny Nativity set at Micheal's, I expected to find a much better tiny-, mini-, even full-size selection of Nativities at Hobby Lobby, but they only had a few larger sized ones, and no mini ones at all, that I could find.

My memory isn't sharp, but it seems like I can recall at one time when there were sets of tiny Nativity figures or tree ornaments, on red cardboard with a plastic front, for like a dollar at Walmart or K-Mart or Dollar General or somewhere.

I haven't really specifically looked for Nativities before, but it seems there are little to few Nativities AT ALL in the stores I've checked recently.
It would be sad to think they just aren't popular enough to stock anymore.

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