Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update: Kitchen Work in Progress

Last week I shared some of the remodeling work we're doing in our kitchen, and we hadn't finished the "shelves between the studs" built-in-the-wall-cabinet thing yet.

I finally did get it painted, and we got the chicken wire attached to the doors, and J made some little wooden closers things to hold the doors closed.

I filled it with some of my home-canned goodies, which goes nice with the Fall/Harvest/Pumpkin season, but it doesn't hold all of my canning so I'm not sure if I'll keep it filled with canned stuff or something decorative or a mix, or something else altogether.

Closer-up of the custom-made wooden door-holder-closer thing.

This is how it looks currently.

My Mom and Aunt saw it in person the other day and their consensus was that I not paint it. Mom said the white stripes look like the "filling" between the boards like in a log cabin.

It still just looks like the white wall showing through to me, though.

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