Monday, October 06, 2014

Depression & Things

Whew-wee! I tell you what, I fought it - it's been coming on slowly as the weather has gradually cooled down over the past couple of weeks - and thought I was doing pretty good, and then Boom! The temps drop into the upper 30's and I'm down for the count.

It was only one night...morning, actually. I knew this. Knew it would warm right back up. No biggie.
I decided to spend a lazy day in my bed, reading, watching Netflix, whatever. No biggie.

Then I read a relatively sad part in the book and hoo boy, the tears started and would not stop. Cried like my heart was broken into nine pieces.

With nary a clue why. 

"Why you cryin' like that?" I asked myself. "You know nothing is wrong, right?"
"Yeah, I don't know why. I can't stahhhp...wahhhh-wahhhh-wahhh."
"Well, stahhhhp, gahh."

Eventually I got it stopped, then went back to sleep for a couple of hours.
Felt like I'd been run over by a milk truck when I woke up. Got up, and had to lay back down for a little while.

Finally I was able to get up and get me some Coke.
I laid back down and got caught up on Sons of Anarchy and The Blacklist episodes I had set to DVR (because I never remember to watch them when they come on...besides I like waiting and being able to FF through the commercials).

Later in the evening, I decided to take $20 out of my stash and go to the Dollar Tree and buy some supplies to make some crafty things that I didn't want.
(I see a lot of things on Pinterest that I'll think, "That looks neat, I bet I can make that."  But some of the things, just because I could make it, doesn't necessarily mean I want it. So I'd probably end up giving it away, to someone else who probably doesn't want it anymore than I did, but will feel obligated to keep it because I made it and give it to them. In which case, it's better for all if I just keep my money and don't make the things.)

I had about (4) projects I was going after the supplies for. Luckily I decided against one, and couldn't find the items needed for another one.

One of them, the stuff is still in the bag untouched because I guess I lost interest in the idea as soon as I got it home.

This one was cheap-ish at least: Orange Slice Candy Pumpkins

Line a 1/2 cup measuring cup with plastic wrap

Line in a circle 8 Orange Candy Slices and one in the middle

Gather and twist the plastic wrap closed.
The instructions called for using green floral tape to tape it closed and make a stem, but I didn't have any green floral tape, so I used Scotch tape.

I didn't want to go buy any green floral tape, so eventually I had the idea to make a stem using pipe cleaners.  I was going to use green pipe cleaners, but then decided to go with brown for no partucluar reason. I just liked a brown stem.

I also wanted to add a couple of leaves. I can't recall if the original instructions had leaves, and didn't bother to go back and check it out. I decided I wanted to add leaves, so that was that.
But I didn't have any green, pumpkin plant type leaves - and didn't want to go buy any.
I had a bag of fake Autumn - Maple tree, I think - leaves, so I just used those.

Yeah, so the Autumn Maple tree leaves weren't the best idea. Maybe I'll pick up some green leaves when I'm out one day later, or maybe I'll come up with a different idea, cut them out of paper or something.

Anyway, none of us even eat Orange Slice candy, so I'll probably end giving them away...if I can find anyone that does eat OSc. I don't know if I know anyone that does since the Grandparents died off.

Other than the little candy pumpkins - and the project I haven't started - I've been spending my time working on some more Putz/Glitter house projects. (The 1st one I made is in this post.)

This one didn't photograph well, but it's a "log-sided" house with a "tin" roof. (More details about it in this post.)

I haven't done a post about these, because I don't feel done with them yet...but I'm not sure what they need. Waiting for ideas to come to me.

But they have Vellum Stained glass windows, and I attached a battery-operated flickering-candle light in the rear.

And then this tiny, Vintage camper. It's a lot smaller than my Putz/Glitter houses, more like a Christmas tree ornament. I'll probably attach a hanger to the top for hanging.

A couple of days ago I baked a couple of Pumpkin pies. Ryan said he wanted one to take to work, so J had to have one, too.

I used Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie recipe, and my homemade pie shells.

We've still also been getting some little things done in/around the house. 

Got the kitchen light rewired, but then as we were going to get back to the sheetrock/trim project in the foyer, I noticed that the upstairs front porch was looking in seriously bad condition.
It's been looking bad for awhile, but suddenly it looked worse bad. I felt we needed to move it to the top of the List.

J poked around the bottom front porch and turned out it was in bad shape, too, so we ended up starting with it, braced up the top floor while we tore out the rotted beam and post and replaced them.

We still have to do the top porch, but it's not a one-day job, so we're having to wait until a brea in the schedule when J gets 2 consecutive days off. Which appears to be....not until the 18th/19th.

In the meantime, I had wanted to decorate for Halloween, but my cast iron pans were laying on my Sweetheart cabinet while I was trying to figure out a place to put them. I knew I wanted to hang them somewhere, but couldn't decide where.

Eventually I settled on the wall behind the kitchen door.

Since we were planning to "plank" the kitchen walls eventually, we went ahead and did that section before we hung the boards, to hang the pans on.

Still have a ton of work to do in there, but this got the pans out of the way anyway. 

In my recent funk, it had slipped my mind to check my emails for a couple of days (I used to have Outlook and could open my email with one click, but now I have to go on the web and sign on each one and it's a PITA to me).

So anyway, when I thought about it, I signed on and Surprise! I had sold my old bedsheet Rag Balls I had listed on Etsy.

Before my yard sale last month, I had listed several items on Etsy, with no real expectation of selling any of it.

After the yard sale, I actually sent several of the items with my son to try to sell in his yard sale.

Then one day I got a notice that someone had bought a vintage ladies' Souvenir handkerchief I had for sale on Etsy.

I was like, Holy crap, I hope I still have that.

Luckily, I did. That and the Rag Balls.
I deleted everything else, and left the Rag Balls, although I didn't really think they'd sell.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I plan to start making some Christmas ornaments to list on Etsy and hopefully they will sell.

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