Thursday, October 09, 2014


Yesterday I stopped into some local thrift stores to see if I could find any gee-gaws and doo-dads and whatevers to use in my Putz/Glitter house decorating  (particularly sugared-candy-garland or any fake Christmas candy).

I didn't find any, but I found some other thrifty "treasures":

I had been looking for an old Scrabble game in which I could use the wooden letter tiles to make some Scrabble Crafts.  I just didn't want to pay $3- $5 for them.
I got these 2/$1.00, or 50¢ each. Score!

The fire hydrant dish caught my eye, then I realized it was an ashtray. I'm not actively collecting ashtrays, but I am hanging on to ones I end up with because I think one day ashtrays are going to be something we "used to have", but don't have any more.

However, I still wouldn't've bought it if it had been priced more than I wanted to pay, but 25¢ was just right.

The pink dish was also 25¢.
It had some writing on the bottom that I couldn't make out, so I wasn't sure if it was "something" or not, but for the price, I figured I'd find a place for it in my dining room if nothing else.
(I'm not sure it's as easy to tell in the picture, but IRL it looks a lot more retro. The color or something...I'm not sure exactly what it is.)

It took some googling, but I finally figured out the writing on the bottom was "Cemar".
Cemar was a California pottery company in business from 1935 to the 1950's.

Today was another free food giveaway at a local church, so I went and picked up my oldest son and we went.
There was more - cucumbers, eggplant, Special K Chocolate Pretzel crackers, Gluten-free crackers - but I gave those things away because we won't eat/use them.

I still came home with a good little pile, for free.
I'll make another batch of homemade frozen onion rings with the own-yones.

While me and my son had been waiting in line for the food distribution, I was telling him about the Creepy Altered Dolls idea.
He and his financee' are all into creepy and scary things, and he's pretty artistic. I figured if he could get into making and selling the dolls it could earn him a little income.

So we decided to check out a nearby thrift store while we were out.

It was funny, I had been telling him how I'd passed up on a couple of "life size" Barbie dolls awhile back because they were $5 each, and then we ended up finding a 2-foot doll at this store marked $1.00, but we paid 50¢ with a 50% off sale.

Another lady in the store told me she wished she'd gotten there a minute earlier; her daughter had been looking for the taller dolls for a Halloween display she was doing, lol.

They also had 50% off on shoes today. He found a pair of tennis shoes we ended up paying 37.5¢ for, and I got these boots for $1.75.  (I know, I take terrible pictures! I don't know how to do better!)

I also bought this pile of "Christmas trash".  It's retro, kitchsy Christmas decor, some broken, but I think I might be able to use them in a way that hides or disguises the broken parts.

I asked how much for all this, and the lady told me ornaments are usually 25¢ each and up, but since I would have to piece these together, I could have them for $1.00.

There were some more vintage flocked deer that weren't broken in another box that I hadn't seen before, and I passed on them because I didn't want to pay 25¢ each for them (although they probably would have been worth it, being vintage).

Turned out I got 50% off these, too, so I only paid 50¢ instead of $1.00.

I shoulda went back and got the other deer.  Ugh. How long am I regret passing those by?

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