Sunday, November 02, 2014


Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.

Mine was nice, but what others might say was boring. Other than decorating, and our outing a couple of weeks ago that included a trip to Ruby Fall's Haunted Caverns, we don't really do much else for the day.

The weather was pretty nice earlier in the day.
I got out and went to Walgreens and Kroger for some sale items. Walgreens had their ziplock freezer bags for 99¢ each, and at Kroger I got Oscar Meyer hot dogs for $1.00 each, Bar S bologna for 89¢, loafa bread for 99¢ each, 2 ltr A&W, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite for 88¢ each, half gallon chocolate milk for 99¢ each, 12 pack vanilla coke, cherry coke, and orange soda for $2.00 each.

I like to stock up on things I know I'll be buying anyway when it's on sale.

I had this corn on the cob from the free food give away last week in the fridge, I finally got around to shucking, bagging, and freezing it.

I also found, while I was climbing around trying to run an extension cord, a napkin covered in tomato seeds I put on on top of the fridge to dry out and had forgot about.

I pulled the seeds off the napkin and packaged them in foil, then put it in a printable seed envelope and stored it in a fridge drawer for next Spring.

Later in the evening the weather started turning rougher.

We got a pretty good rain shower, despite the news saying "Leave your umbrella at home on Halloween", and then the wind picked up big time.
I was sitting here at one point and heard some loud thumps as something(s) hit the house.

Just sticks/branches, I guess. Didn't see anything damaged out there today.

The weather agency issued a Freeze Watch and a chance of *s*n*o*w* flurries for us overnight.
Facebook friends and family reported sleet and flurries nearby, but I don't know if it ever did anything here, I didn't go outside to look.
At any rate, there wasn't any sort of accumulation.

I think J said it was 43* this morning as he got ready for work.

Tonight we're under an actual Freeze Warning, and temps are supposed to drop to or near Freezing. Tomorrow night is supposed to be even colder, dropping into the 20's.

I know, not as cold as some, but as one blogger I follow posted, "40's in (the South) is equivalent to 50 below anywhere else!". 
Haaah, that is so true.

I stayed in my bed under my electric blankey until about noon-time.
But then I just got up and moved to my chair next to my electric heater.
I read on my Kindle a lot of the day.

I did get some dishes washed/put away in the afternoon. I wasn't expecting to do that, so that was a bonus for my day as far as I'm concerned.

What I did expect to do today, was to go through the boxes of children's books and decide what to do with them, and take down the Halloween decor.

I didn't do so well on the books. I did start, and got one box ready to go.
It was hard. I kept wanting to keep most of them. I'd put them on the Keep pile, then move them to the Give pile, then Keep, then Give. Ugh.
Because, books. And, my boys' books. 
I made it through 2 boxes and gave myself a break.
Unfortunately, those 2 boxes I managed to get through were the easy ones.

I did make my goal of getting Halloween put away.
I left the Jack-O-Lanterns out, turning them into pumpkins/squash, as part of some Fall decor.

I don't have much in the way of Fall decor, a grapevine wreath that says "Happy Autumn" and a leaf-print throw blanket.
I left the bare sticks in the vase, the old window, the Fall'ish painting, and added some plants in stoneware (milk pitchers), a small night-light type lamp, and a couple of Dollar Tree Thanksgiving  figurines (that had actually been in the Donate pile).

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