Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rag Balls

Despite these past couple of days being record cold temps, I've perked up a bit and got rid of (most of) the grumps. 

Usually when it's cold I don't like to do anything but sit in my chair next to my heater with my kindle and stay warm. But I've actually been up doing things this week, I was even out sweeping the carport and moving some things out to, and around on the carport and back porch today. Weird!

I was also deciding on whether to keep or get rid of some things around here.

One of the things was this old 80's-looking bed skirt that I acquired in a batch of hand-me-alongs at some time or another.

It wasn't in good shape. The hem was torn out so the edges were mostly frayed.

There was a tear between the skirt and the....uhh, not sure what the other part is called.

I could have hemmed it and sewed the tear back together, but I wouldn't have used it, and I don't know anyone that would have used it.

So, I decided to turn it into Rag Balls.

I cut/tore the flowery skirt part from the thin white, muslin? material. The thin, white material reminds me of an old fashioned under garment of some sort, chemise?

I ended up with a long, approx 12 inch wide strip of fabric.

Starting at one end, I cut about an inch or so, then started tearing the rest of the way with my hands to the other end, stopping about a half inch from the end, so I didn't tear the strip completely off.

At the other end, I went over about an inch and cut another notch, then tore that strip all the way back down to the other end, but stopping before I tore the strip off.

When done, I ended up with a long strip of fabric about an inch wide. No clue how long....but really long.

Which I rolled up into balls while catching up on DVR's epiodes of Sons of Anarchy.

Guess I'll list them on Etsy and forget about them, and maybe one day I'll be surprised like I was when my other ones sold.

Otherwise, maybe I'll hang on to them for use as ropes and bandages during the zombie apocalypse.

Haha! joking, but seriously, I realized they could be used like twine to tie up tomato plants to stakes or any other instance you might use twine or a thinner rope, you could use fabric yarn. It's pretty darn sturdy.


Prudent Wisdom said...

What a great idea!!! Though I don't have that much time on my hands, therefore most unused or frayed fabric around here gets turned into cleaning rags =0/

Melissa said...

Yea, I still make cleaning rags out of smaller things, shirts, old dish and bath towels and whathaveyou. I've really only done these rag balls out of larger sized fabric stuff, bedsheets and the bedskirt.

I think I keep hoping if I make these rag balls, one day I'll suddenly just know how to crochet them into rag rugs, lol.

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