Sunday, September 01, 2013

Yard Sale'ing

Even though I have plenty of opportunity, I don't get out yard sale'ing know, on account of that pesky little hoarding trouble causing my house to be filled to the rafters with junk treasures as it is.

But, like most any other diet, sometimes you just need to treat yourself along the way.

Plus, I sold a few things on eBay this week, and remember that Dollhouse I bought a couple of months ago for $5.00 off a local Facebook yard sale group? Well, I sold it the other day on another local Facebook yard sale group for $30.00.
Also, we gave away some car parts - seats and interior pieces - from the Mustang car Ryan wrecked a few years ago. They had scavenged pieces and parts off it intending to sell, but however many years later, the stuff is still here, taking up as much room as any of my crap things. So I listed some if it in the Free section of Craigslist.

So, with some stuff gotten rid of, and some money earned, and we needed to go to Town to pick up J's check from the ambulance service and go to the grocery store anyway, it just seemed like a tailor-made day for going yard-saling. J and Ryan like to yard sale (almost) as much as I do, so it was kinda like a little family outing, too.
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I don't think I wrote about putting a ceiling fan in my kitchen a couple weeks ago. Here in the South, you pretty much need a ceiling fan in every room. At some point, I apparently thought I didn't need a ceiling fan in the kitchen. But I was wrong.
I didn't want to go buy another ceiling fan, so we took the one from the unused bedroom-aka-storage room upstairs, and eventually I'd have to find another one to go back in that bedroom.

I walked up on this box at one yard sale and said to J, "Look a brand new ceiling fan for $5.00", and the lady says "Oh you can have that for $3.00 if you want it."

Uh, heck yeah.

I know it's Brass & Wood colored, but that's not big deal. I actually have spray painted a ceiling fan before.

I spotted this fairly large wooden fire station toy at one yard sale for $3.00. It doesn't have a name or any discerning markings that I can tell, and I've had no luck finding any info about it on the internet.
It didn't come with any accessories, and appears to be missing an interior slide-up/down door.
I figured I'd just set it up somewhere and use it as a display cabinet or something.



Found this coil of copper tubing at another yard sale and offered $1.00 for it.
In case you don't remember my Hummingbird Feeder project from last year, the copper feeders we had made didn't work right and I needed some more copper tubing to try again but never made the effort to go buy any.  But now I have a few feet of it I only paid $1.00 for. Sweet. (Now where did I stick that project at?)

I paid $1.00 total for these three jars. Two Mason Star jars, and a Kilner push-top jar.  I didn't know it, but apparently Kilner is the UK version of our Mason jar company.

At the same yard sale I got the above jars, I also picked up this red chandelier for $3.00. Not sure where I'm going to put it yet. Probably would have looked nice in the kitchen, but we just put a ceiling fan in the kitchen. Probably the diningroom, although I already have a chandelier I had planned to use in the diningroom, this one may be better for in there anyway. Or, maybe I'll hang it somewhere unexpected, like a hallway or porch or maybe even the carport above the back door. (But probably the diningroom.)

The yard sale I found  these little bits of junk treasures at were in a 10¢ box. Total 30¢.
The little red metal fortune cookie looking box is a Hello Kitty Lucky Stars candy container. Sans candy, natch. My son's fiancee' loves Hello Kitty so I thought I'd put some candy in it and it will make a nice stocking stuffer. (She lo-o-o-v-es the stocking stuff, no matter what silly or cheap kind of little junk prizes are in it.)

I got the red, cow wall plaque for the same reason, as a stocking stuffer for T. But I'm not sure if she still does cows in her kitchen, I think she's changed to brown and coffee decor. Anyway I kinda think it might end up in my own kitchen somewhere, lol.

The little Family-Dollar-Barbie-knock-off fashion head I got to attempt to make a Halloween decoration out of, a'la Creepy Altered Dolls. (Don't click the link if you're easily frightened.)

I found this really large glass bowl at one yard sale for $1.00. I didn't see any markings on it at first, and didn't know anything about it, but it was a really awesome, big, glass bowl for a buck.
(I put the tomato in the bowl to try to show just how big the bowl is, and it dwarves the tomato, but unless you knew how big the tomato is to start with, it still doesn't really show the real aspect of the size.)
According to the internets it's a Lys large mixing bowl by Duralex, made in France. Ooh-la-la, n'est-ce pas?

I found (2) more mixer beaters at a thrift store to go with the rest of the ones I've been collecting up (for a year or so) for a clock project. I paid 27¢ for the both of them.

At another thrift store I found another Percale bedsheet. It's a Full size flat, so will fit Ryan's bed, not mine. He also likes when I put the vintage Percale sheets on his bed. The ones I generally put on his bed used to be my Grannie's. I inherited her bedroom suit (and the sheets) when she passed.
The sheet was $1.90 with tax.

At the same thrift store as I found the sheet, there was a FREE box full of junk and coffee mugs and this and thats. I found a large vintage children's story book and two vintage Christmas snow globes.

I grabbed these rough-looking old snowglobes with the idea to crack them open and get the vintage Santas out of them for use in other projects. I'm always finding craft and project ideas for making Christmas ornaments and such using little plastic reindeer or snowmen or Santas, but haven't had much luck finding them at stores.

However, I feel like I should try to refurbish these before I break them. Re-doing or upcycling something that is completely broke or worn out is one thing, but these things are mainly just dusty and low on juice.

This looks more like Santa in jail than in a drum, lol.

Another casualty of my failing memory is the Treasure Island and Treasury Drugs stores. I still can't recollect in my mind where these stores were located in my area. I'll have to ask my Dad, he remembers everything.

The Zayre's department store I remember very well. I grew up shopping with Grannie at K-Mart and Zayre's, and I worked as cashier at Zayre's for a little while when I was a teenager.

Some of the story titles inside the Big Story book. The date page, if there was one, seems to be missing, but a check of the internets dates it to 1978. I would have been about 10 years old at the time (or 11, if it was published after November.)
I also can't remember if we ever owned this book back then, but it looked very familiar when I first saw it, rang some bells, so we might have.

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