Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I had a dollhouse as a little girl back in the '70's, a Marx dollhouse made of metal, with the lithograph sticker walls and exterior. (I still say the 1970's toys were some of the best toys ever made.)

Anyway, as an adult, I've been kindly wanting a dollhouse that I could work on. Customize. Paint and add flooring and wallpaper and decorate and whatever.

I just didn't want one bad enough to pay for it. Or at least not pay a lot for it.

I belong to a LOT of local yard sale, garage sale, swap, trades, freebies Facebook groups, and this dollhouse came up on one of them a couple weeks ago priced at $20.00.


Then yesterday the lady lowered the price to $5.00 and I couldn't pass it up.

It's wooden and looks to be custom/hand built, or not one bought from a store or assembled from a kit.

The lady said it was "pretty big" but it is Big. I didn't measure it yet, but it takes two people to carry it. I believe it's larger than your typical dollhouse size, but I'm not sure that it's Barbie size, or 1:6 scale in doll-speak. (Leave it to me to end up with odd-ball size something.)

Attic space. Awesomesauce.

Off to start learning about dollhouse customization.


Trina said...

THAT is an awesome find! Love it!

374's Wife said...


Melissa said...

Thanks! It'll be even better if I can actually implement any of the great decorating ideas I see on Pinterest and the 'net.

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