Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update: My Garden

It's been awhile since I have done any updating on my garden(ing). Mostly because, there's not been much to update about.

It took awhile but our Bishop Crown and Datil pepper plants finally took off.

The Bishop Crowns just this week have started turning red. I should probably pick them, but I don't know what to do with them. I don't eat peppers, or cook with unless they come already in my Manwich sauce or whatever.

The Datil pepper plants are loaded with peppers, but may not ever turn red. J was reading about them and he said it said they need about 5 months of sunny, warm weather. We've only got a few more weeks, to two months, before we can probably expect our first frost. He said they were okay or eatable while still green anyway.

LOL, J broke one open the other day and stuck his tongue in it and it lit him up. These are hot, hot, hot.

This is an older picture of some of the tomatoes. Except for about four that I sprouted and planted and never did produce any 'maters, all the rest of these with tomatoes on them were "Volunteer" plants. That is, they grew on their own without having been sprouted on purpose.

What happened was, every year we clean out the dead plants from the garden and toss them into the compost bin. So when we built the Tater Condos this year, and used dirt from the compost bin, tomato plants started growing in the tater condos. I dug them up and transplanted them over in the garden.

"Volunteer" tomatoes.

All "Volunteer" tomatoes.

I don't really know what's going on with the Tater condos. The tater plants died out awhile back, but it seemed too early to try to dig up potatoes so I just left them alone.  One tater condo is completely devoid of any kind of potato plant, and two of the condos actually have new potato plant growth. I don't know if that's new plants/potatoes or whats going on.

This particular tater condo has more "Volunteer" tomato plants growing in it, and we were also surprised to have gotten 3 "Volunteer" Cucumbers out of it.

Our Pecan trees are loaded like crazy this year, even more than last year I believe. We have 2 Pecan trees in our yard (and a couple that hang over from the neighbors along the back fence) and generally the trees will take turns having nuts, or neither will have nuts. (Likely having to do with the multi-year drought we were in until this year.)

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