Friday, September 13, 2013


I've mentioned before that I'm a member of a couple local Freecycle  groups.

If you don't know what Freecycle is, it's local virtual groups where you post things you no longer want, but don't want to throw in the Trash. (You can also request things you want, in case someone has an item laying around they wouldn't mind parting with but just hadn't thought to offer it.)

I get my Freecycle group notices by email, and tonight an email came offering - among other stuff - some of the Holiday popcorn tins.

Recently I had been looking around for some of the holiday popcorn tins for a project, where I spray paint the tin and paint or stencil "Kitty" or "Pet Food" or whatever on it, and use it for nice, decorative pet food storage.
When I saw that post, having that project on my mind - and apparently forgetting momentarily we have no more Kitty - I responded to say I'd be interested in picking up the items.

Honestly, the post was a few hours old by the time I saw it, I figured it was probably already spoken for anyway. Free stuff - any and all free stuff - is in high demand around here (ahem, "antique"/junkstore resellers).  So I was pretty surprised when I got a return email saying it was available and when did I want to come pick it up.
Me and my sidekick, Ryan, headed on out to go pick it up.

These were the tins I was in particular wanting. They're almost too pretty to spray paint over.

She also mentioned a wooden planter stand I was interested in, as long as I was going for the tins anyway. Love pretty much anything wooden. I can paint it and make a nice holiday or decorative display, or use it as a holder of some sort. Or, sit plants on it, lol.

She also mentioned travel coffee mugs, though she didn't mention how many. I wouldn't have gone after them especial, but we can always use these. J and Ryan carries coffee with them in the Winter on the way to work and often the cups won't come back home.  I was buying these at Goodwill for 99¢. Free is much better.

She mentioned two printers, but didn't know if they worked. I don't need any printers, but I'll check them out and see if they work and probably try to give them to someone(s) who needs a printer or donate to a charity thrift store to sell to raise funds to help in the community.
If they don't work, we have a community electronics recycling event coming up.

Everything else - "Boxes of misc items" - was like opening a mystery prize box to see what kind of treasures I might have scored.

The turquoise storage bowls were  pretty awesome and will be handy. I can always use storage bowls.
I've never had a slicer/grater with a hand grip thing...just a regular one I have to use my own hand, and usually nearly end up grating my fingertips. So I don't grate much, and usually drag out the food processor to do my chopping/slicing for me. This may save me the trouble of having to mess with that. Or it may be as much of a PITA as my other grater and I end up giving it away or donating it.

Adding to my collection of old, free pots and pans, lol. They have actually come in handy with my planting/potting/gardening stuff. Maybe I'll have a "pot" garden, LMAO.

Check out these awesome furry boot house shoes. They're so tacky, I LOVE them. They will keep my feet nice and warm this Winter.

BLING. Ooooh, spa-a-a-r-r-r-kly. And those amber tinted glasses go great with my fuzzy boot slippers, lol.

I see a lot of ideas on the 'net/Pinterest using cheap jewelry in crafting projects, but I don't wear jewelry very often so I don't own much. The pieces I do have were given to me by J or one of the kids or my Mom or Grandmother, so even if they aren't that expensive they have special meaning to me and I can't destroy them for a craft project.  Now I have lots of shiny-sparkly to destroy/create with.

This thing is pretty awesome, too...or, at least, has potential, with some spray paint and..... something. I'll have to think on this one.

There were also a couple of nice bags. We can usually use bags. The one on the left is one of those draw-string backpacks that are handy for carrying along on outings and such, and the one on the right is an insulated bag for drinks or taking a lunch or snack to work or where ever.

I don't need this so I'll probably find a kid to give it to.

Don't really need this stuff either. I might save the rope because we can usually find uses for rope. Heck, maybe I'll jump it, lol.

And then there were these satellite dish receivers I don't have any use for. Ryan mentioned taking the hard drives out of them (I didn't even know they had hard drives in them), so maybe he can use those. Otherwise I'll see if anyone else needs/wants them or I guess they'll go to the electronics recycling truck.

With the exception of the travel coffee cups because we (they) use the heck out of them, I wouldn't have paid for any of this stuff.
Okay, maybe a quarter for the popcorn tins, and possibly the planter. Maybe the fuzzy boots, but probably not even them.

My point is, if I had to pay for (most) of this stuff, I'd be like heck no, that's junk, I'm not spending my money on that junk.
But when it's FREE, it seems to become something different from junk. It becomes more like...what's the word I'm looking for? Potential?

(Says the Hoarder)

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