Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working Hard

...or hardly working? LOL

A little history: up until recently, our County had it's own EMS service, funded by the taxpayers. Then, a year or so ago, they decided to get out of the EMS biz and allow a private service to take over.  Or, sort of private; both services fighting over the area are affiliated with/owned by hospitals.

Anyway, one of the services won the county contract, and the other service got busy trying to steal all their business, doing a lot of PR in the area.
One of the things this other service did was offer a First Responder class to R's City volunteer fire dept.
Instructors came to their station on meeting nights (or maybe it was Saturdays? I may be getting that confused with MOD 1 or NPQ....) and taught them, and certified them.

So R's been a First Responder for a year or so, but now the county provider EMS service has decided to offer the County volunteer fire dept (which, in case you didn't know, R has also joined) a First Responder class.
The thing is, in this class they'll be doing  four (8) hour ride-alongs on an ambulance, plus when they finish (if they pass) they'll be having a catered ceremony, family invited to see them get their certificates and they'll get shirt patches, which the other class didn't give them, and they'll be given a medical jump-bag.

When R heard ambulance ride-along, he was all over that!  He said he don't mind taking the class again, he wants to ride on an ambulance! (He is planning to go to EMT school eventually, when he finishes his Computer Support/Networking degrees next year, hopefully.)

He told me when the instructor was handing out the forms for them to fill out this morning, she told (R's Captain, who's also retaking the class) that he might have to fill out waivers for the ones under 18.
R said they were like WTH? and she asked (Captain) if R and C, another firefighter from their station, were (Captain's) kids?

Talk about offended!  (Captain) was like, I'm not that old! and R and C were like, we're over 21!!
Tooo funny!

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