Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cupcakes in A Jar

Here's another Food-in-a-Jar idea: Cupcakes in a jar.

It doesn't get any simpler than this!
The instructions come with a recipe, but for easy-peasy, mix up a cake mix and bake little cakes in a muffin tin.

Cut the muffin-cake-cupcakes in tops-from-bottom halves. Put bottom half into jar.
Squeeze cake frosting onto cake.
Put in top half of muffin-cake-cupcake, and squeeze more frosting onto top.
Put on lid, tie on plastic spoon.

If making these for a Shower or Wedding favor or Birthday, you can cut circles from a decorative napkin to cover the lid, tie with coordinating ribbon, and use color-coordinated spoons.

Click on the Image for Detailed Instructions
Original Idea from MyCakies.


MelisalovesCOUPONS said...

So cute...I can make a cake and no one eats it...but then I make cupcakes and they vanish....

Melissa said...

I know what you mean about the cake, Melissa! I used to bake cakes and they'd eat one slice and the rest would go to waste!

Sometimes I make cupcakes, but I figured out it was easier and went farther if I just made what I call my Haffa cake (half of a cake).

All I do is bake a 2-layer cake mix as usual, but then after cooling I wrap one of the layers in foil and freeze it until later. (When I'm ready to eat it, just thaw at room temp.)

The other layer, I cut in half and stack and frost/ice like I would a regular cake. I frost over the cut side, so no one can tell it was cut, and it freaks people out trying to figure out how I baked half a cake! lol, it's so funny.

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