Thursday, October 06, 2011

Calendar Gift Card

I decided to stop into a local salvage store, thrift store, and the Dollar Tree to look for some Card ideas or stuff. Nothing really jumped out at me except for the 2012 Calendars at the Dollar Tree.

I looove calendars! I have to hang one up in the kitchen every year to be able to write things like Birthdays, Doctor and Dentist appointments, school events, and especially John's crazy work schedule on. I'm signed up for the Home Depot or Lowe's Garden Club (can't recall which), and they send me a free calendar in the mail every year!
I also tend to collect other Freebie calendars like from local banks and funeral homes that I don't write on, and just put away for Later. I do this because some years ago we were going through one of the old workshops John had inherited with the home place from his Grandfather, and I found an old local advertising calendar from the year John was born! That was a treasure find for me. So, maybe one day, when someone's going through all my old junk and stuff, they might find themselves such a treasure, too.

Anyway. One of my cousin's has a nearly-three year old, and is expecting twins in January. She'll be needing a calendar to keep up with everyone's everything, and this one was really cute.
Just guesstimating, I believe it's sized about 10x10, so I can make a 12x12 Card around it. Just need to figure out some design ideas. It's not really Christmas colored, so I don't know if the purple will clash with a traditional red and green card design. Maybe a purple sugar plum design...

While trolling for more ideas, I came across this site, Dollar Store Crafts. It features some really neat and nice crafts people have made using items found at the Dollar Store, and lots of other ideas, not just for Christmas.

Check out this neat idea from Childmade using glove fingers as a Snowman family!

Click on Image for Instructions!

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