Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We got some needed rain overnight, then today was dark, grey, damp, windy, and very chilly. A real contrast to yesterday, when it was still nice and sunny and warm.

We finally got to the furnaces today. I was most concerned about the upstairs one, since the a/c went out, I wasn't sure how/if that would effect the furnace. Turned it on...nothing happened.
J went into the attic to check the unit, and said he remembered having unplugged a wire when the a/c was broken, so he plugged it back in and it worked.

Then we turned on the downstairs unit...and nothing happened. At all. No fan, no nothing. Which was really weird, because the a/c was on just not that long ago. So he went out back to check the unit, and found that the control board panel thing had burnt up. Literally, it was black and charred, like it had been on fire.
He went and bought another board and him and R got it installed, so we got heat tonight.

While they worked on that, I worked on sanding the sheetrock wall in the livingroom, and was able to get it finished, Yay! Hopefully I'll be able to get it Kilz'ed tomorrow, and painted in the next day or so.
The last two walls are mostly windows, so shouldn't be as difficult to knock out as these first two walls have been. I feel pretty good about getting it done by Christmas. Not as confidant about the ceiling and trim, but if I can even part of a ceiling I'll be happy.

I've also been working on another project: homemade frozen french fries.
I didn't know you could freeze potatoes. Everything I read about preserving/freezing veges, I don't recall seeing potatoes as freezable. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me that I buy frozen french fries, so obviously they can.

Then I saw this link someone posted, I can't remember where now, but it explained how to freeze your own fries. So the next time I found a good deal on potatoes at the grocery store ($2 per 5lbs), I bought extra.
Peel and wash potatoes

Cut into fries and boil until partially cooked.

Freeze on sprayed cookie sheet
Place in freezer bags and freeze

Did some cubes for Home Fries and Tater Salad cubes.

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