Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Beautiful Fall Day

Although my back feels like a truck ran me over, I've managed to get a few things done today. Or, well, not done, but have at least made some good progess.
I've got four loads of laundry done, only one to go, and I made a good bit of progress on sanding the sheetrock wall in the livingroom. Hopefully, maybe, I might get back to that again today and who knows? maybe finish one wall? That would be so great. I also cut up some (5 lbs) potatoes to freeze some french fries.

Here's a picture my Dad sent me over the weekend of his driveway at their home up in the North Georgia Mountains:

So beautiful! I wish we were there!
I had wanted for us to go on a train ride they have up there, but wasn't sure for when to buy the tickets...if I planned to go too early, the leaves wouldn't be changed yet, but if I planned it for too late, then they would all be gone and the forests would just be ugly grey and yucky.  But once Daddy sent me this picture I figured it was getting to be a great time to go, so I checked the website for the train Schedule, and then our schedule, and - of course - not a date matched up.
Saturdays are out because R has First Responder class. K is out of school on the 24th, but J is at the FD that day, plus the only Sunday the train runs between now and Halloween. K is in school every other day.
Oh well, maybe next year.

Here's a picture of my oldest son in his costume for the Haunted House he's been working at:

The horns are new since we went, the night before Opening night; Friends and Family night. Before, he was just solid black, and in the dark tunnel they sent us through, you couldn't see him until you were right up at him and he RAWR'ed at you.
But it was funny because we were in a group of people and the others were hurrying along in front of us, so when D roar'ed at them I was like, Hey, I recognize that roar! lol.
He sent us through this really weird, inflatable tunnel. I'd never been through anything like it, it squeezes you all around. Then when you come out the other end of it, he's waiting there to scare you again. I wasn't expecting it, so he got me that time! haha.

Supposed to be a cold front coming sometime this week.  It was in the 40's this morning, I was like, that wasn't it?!?

I talked about yesterday wanting to check the furnaces while J was at home, in case anything went wrong. It wasn't a big deal when I turned the a/c on and one of the units was making a terrible grinding noise, so I just turned it back off. But furnaces involve gas, and fire, and if something goes wrong, it might not be as simple as just turning the thermostat back off.

R went on a Church fire on Saturday, and later found out the cause of it was, someone(s) was doing something with the furnace in the attic and white smoke started billowing out and this is the result:

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