Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Progress, Surprisingly

Y'all may or may not know this about me, but I don't put myself out too much these days. I'll put myself out for others - if they're worthy - but as for myself, well, I generally set myself a goal or two a day and if I make them, great, if I don't, meh, I don't worry overmuch about it.

I'm especially unproductive when I'm cold. And considering our downstairs (where I live) furnace is broken and the temps dropped down around freezing Saturday, Sunday, and maybe Monday nights, I decided I wasn't going to do anything but stay in bed and watch tv or read until maybe next Spring.

I think, other than getting up to fix something to eat, that's pretty much what I did Sunday. Truthfully, I can't remember Sunday. Barely remember Saturday, except J replaced the doorknobs and went hunting.
I remember that because I - stupidly - thought he'd managed to figure out his priorities and was going to do some things around here. Until he, "BLAH BLAH BLAH hunting blah blah" at me, when I had no clue he was planning to go hunting.
His hunting club is an hour drive from here, so usually when he's going hunting he gets up at 4 or 5am and leaves so he can get in the woods before the deer wake up or whatever. Since he slept in, sat around, ate breakfast, replaced the doorknobs and didn't tell me any differently, I had no idea he was planning on going hunting.
I gladly sent him on his way.

I guess I read the rest of Saturday, and most of Sunday. I've read about 6 or 8 books, give or take, lately. I've been on a "Biker" book binge, trying to find a good "Biker" story, and not succeeding. Seems the majority of the authors get their story ideas from "Sons of Anarchy", which I'm not a real big fan of, and picturing Jax, Clay, and Gemma - and Jax, and Jax, and Jax - as the characters in the story really ruins it for me.

Monday I took a break from reading and watched a "Walking Dead" episode on Netflix. I don't know which episode, don't recall what season I'm on. (Don't know why I'm even watching it. I don't like it.)

I thought I was going to watch the rest of the episodes and get caught up, to where ever Netflix is caught up to, but one was enough, I guess. Rather than watch another "Walking Dead" episode, I got up and did productive stuff instead.

I posted about our get away last weekend over at my Family Travel blog:

Our train ride on the Blue Ridge Railway

And our day at Brasstown Bald and Off-roading Adventure

I also posted the Lonely Firefighter Wife post here, and while I was at it, I cleaned up and re-visited my Bitch Blog, because - as you maybe can tell - I'm seriously needing a place to vent so I don't explode. Ahh, SAD, how fun you are.

Then I did some household business, 'balancing the checkbook' - although these days it's more like logging in and seeing how much money is in the account - and paying bills.
I despise anymore having to handle all the household business by myself and I tend to put it off as long as possible. I used to didn't mind, but then again, I used to didn't mind being married to a - ahem, nevermind.

After that I thought I'd start clearing away my Halloween decor. I usually would have done that November 1, but I guess I wasn't in the mood.

I did pack away some of the Halloween decor, but mostly the crafts part of it...more like the unfinished projects I didn't get done. Oh well, maybe next year.

Somehow I went from packing away the Halloween decor crafts, to going through some of the things I had piled up in the livingroom intending to have a yard sale, and loaded up a backseat full in Ryan's SUV and took it to the Thrift store up the road and donated it.

Then I went through a few boxes of the kids' books I have to sort through and made a pile and listed them for sale on Craigslist.
I also listed the boys' old weightlifting bench set they never use on Craigslist.

(Does anyone ever sell anything on Craigslist? Because I don't. I've listed and listed, and nothing. (Well, spam crap responses.)
The only time we ever got rid of anything on Craigslist was when we gave it away Free.
I haven't gotten the first bit of interest in the weight bench or nearly 60 kids books I listed 2 days ago.)

Anyway, it was pretty awesome to have carried off a lot of stuff. Would have been more awesome to have been able to sell it for some change, but....

Today I did get all the Halloween decor put away, and set out what few Thanksgiving gee-gaws I have.
I also did laundry, and carried some craft stuff upstairs to get it out of the livingroom.

For tomorrow I have no plan, no goal. So if I do get something done it will be a bonus for me. Woot.

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