Monday, November 04, 2013

Firefighter Wife Lonely

I was checking out my Blog Stats recently and noticed that one of the Search terms someone used was "firefighter wife lonely".

Dear Lonely Firefighter Wife:
While I know it's not the same as having your firefighter there with you, please know that you aren't alone.
There is a whole Sisterhood of Fire Wives out there who are or have experienced the same thing you're dealing with and understand how you're feeling.

To the right side of my blog ----> there is a list of other Firefighter wives that also blog. (Scroll down to "More Fire Wife Blogs")
I have become friends with several of the ladies and they are good, good people.

Wife Behind the Fire is a Firefighter Wife Support group with a lot of information and resources for Fire Wives, and also a Private Facebook Group you can join and find someone to talk to pretty much anytime of the day or night.

Hope this helps.

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