Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Week Gone

One day it's Monday, next day it's Friday again. My life is passing me by, so quickly.

It probably doesn't help that I sleep through a lot of it sometimes. It was chilly earlier in the week and the cold temps make me as lethargic as the wasps/dirt daubers still hanging around upstairs. I just have no energy or motivation or gumption, so I either sit and spend hours looking at Pinterest, reading, or like this week I laid under my electric blanket watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.

Yesterday the weather was a lot warmer and I got some things done around here. Started sorting through a lot of stuff around here to get rid of or put in the yard sale boxes (which I am relocating back upstairs again). Sucks bad, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have a yard sale at this point and I need the stuff out of my livingroom so I can get ready for Christmas.
I did list a few things at ebay and a few on Craigslist, and am also planning to take a few larger items to a local auction next week.

The weather was nice and warm today, too, with rain moving in this evening. We tarped the camper and moved it down in the backyard.
Later me and J rode up to K-mart where I had an order from a couple of weeks ago when I had $4.00 worth of points to spend.  I also had another $4.00 in points to spend, expiring today, so I spent them while we were there anyway.

This was what I spent my free money on a couple weeks ago, lol. The pumpkin buckets were on clearance for 59¢ each (reg. $1.99) and there's several ideas on Pinterest for using them, as planters or luminaries or whatever. Or just keeping as they are and one day having a collection of "vintage" Halloween pails.
The Reese's were on clearance for $1.94 a bag and were a Treat.

$4.00 doesn't go as far when you're not shopping clearance.  I always feel guilty when I don't spend the free money on stocking up on things I know we need/will need like toilet paper and dish soap, but I know I would have ended up buying these items anyway so I reckon it'll all come out in the wash.

The chocolate candy bar and coins I bought to make a gift for my oldest son and/or his fiancee'.  I'm planning to give them some ca$h for Christmas but I didn't want to just put money in a card, that's too boring. Pinterest has lots of ideas for giving money-gifts, and one of them was real money and candy money.

After K-mart we went to Dollar Tree, and wooo-wee, I must have been in Dollar Tree withdrawal or something - I think I ended up buying nearly everything I saw.

I particularly went to look for some Christmas decorations - lighted garland and a wreath, or wreath makings - and some wall hooks for hanging jackets or cast iron pans.
I only ended up finding some garland - not lighted - but spent nearly $45.00. Holy mackerel, I don't know that I've ever spent over $40 at Dollar Tree (at one time).

One of the things I was very excited to find was bottles of Ground Nutmeg and Cloves spices. Big bottles. When I bought these spices before I paid like $3-$4 for the little tiny McCormick containers.

On the way home we stopped by Krystals (White Castle in other parts of the country) for a bag of burgers to bring home.

I saw a sign advertising a free $20.00 coupon booklet with a $10.00 Gift Card purchase.
Since I already knew I was going to be spending $13.99 for the bag of burgers, I knew I could buy a $10 gift card, get my free coupon book, then spend the gift card on my burger order that I was buying anyway.

There's a total of 14 coupons, 2 each for January, February, and March, then 1 each month from April to November. Some are $1.00 off, or a special item price, but also included are:
Free Bowl of Chili
Free Chili Cheese Fry
Free Chili Cheese Pup
Free Corn Pup
Free Cup of Coffee
Free Sunriser
Free 5-piece Game Time Wings
Free Apple Turnover

8 items, for absolutely Free. Always pay attention to the gift card deals, even if you think you're not in the market for a gift card.

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