Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ugh. I was doing so good earlier this...or well, last week...sometime. WTH day is it anyway?
I'm scatterbrained and all out of sorts now.
All the Christmas Pins and posts on Facebook...somewhere in my feeble little brain I feel like Christmas is tomorrow day after tomorrow instead of Thanksgiving, and I usually wouldn't even be worrying about Christmas decorating until after Black Friday. Earlier I found myself upset because I've hung (hanged?) one strand of the garland of the lighted garland project I had in mind for the kitchen and haven't done anymore, and I only have 1 2 more days....

Last week I had my act together, everything was going as planned (as loosely as I plan anything anyway you'd think that'd be a more common occurrence).
I made a good bit of progress working in the house (IMO). Ok, I gave up on the yard sale thing and carried some of things out of the livingroom back upstairs and stuck in a corner in hopes of trying again next year, but I did get rid of a lot of stuff out of the house altogether. I threw a lot of old papers, instruction booklets for crap we don't have anymore, newspapers/articles I was saving because I guess I thought it was interesting at the time, but now I don't, into the trash, and I donated another box of things, and I carried several bags of my coupon shopping excess to my Mom's.
She and my sister are both up from Florida this week, and also an Aunt and some cousins will be coming into town, so I like to share my bounty with all of them.

I also did list some things on ebay and craigslist. I hate using ebay anymore because there's way more sellers than buyers. I usually only ever get one bid on an item, so they win it at the lowest price. And postage is so freaking ridiculous anymore. For instance I sold 7 small packages of Poise incontinence panty liners, they all fit in a manila envelope, weigh less than 2 pounds....freaking postage is nearly $10.00 for standard, plain ol' parcel postage, not even Priority.  I figured it should be less than $6.00, WTH?

And I don't know what the heck is up with Craigslist. The past several times I've listed anything I haven't gotten so much as a nibble. Not a question, or offer, or nothing. I know my posts are being seen because after I advertised a set of old Mustang seats for $10.00 for all of them for a few weeks, then listed them as Free just to get rid of them from under carport, I got all kinds of interest then.

I left some larger items down here that I'd planned to take to a local auction place this week, but they've cancelled this week's auction on account of the weather being so nasty/cold/wet/possible sleet/snow.

As I said, my sister and Mom is up from Florida, so I had planned to spend a lot of this week visiting with them.  I did go see them the first day they were here, but then the next day Aunt Flo came to visit and I felt horrid. I stayed in my pajamers and laid around and whined with stomach pains most of the day.
I did a good bit of laying around yesterday, too, but felt guilty for not visiting with my sister while she was up so made myself dress and me and J went out to eat with my sister and aunt, then we went back to Mom's house and visited with them a couple of hours.

I had started getting together my shopping list for this week, since I was going to be out anyway, visiting my Mom and sister and also we're taking care of the cats for the guy that I watch his house and feed his cats when he goes out of town, which he is this week. But then I lost interest in going shopping (which was a terrible, terrible thing because I missed out on some fantastic deals).
I tried to get my shit together and go today, even though it's cold and pouring down rain (we've had nearly 4 inches of rain since yesterday), but then J called from north North Carolina (near Virginia and Tennessee) and said the key to the guy's house in the car, so no way I was getting in, so no use in even going out I figured. (Don't worry, he went by and fed the cats on his way home.)

Tomorrow is the last day of whatever is left of the sales, and I wanted to get my haircut, so I decided I'd definitely get out tomorrow and do these things. And my printer crapped out in the middle of printing coupons for what little might be left of the sale items at this point.

Yesterday there was a Code, actually two Codes, to get Free photo prints at Walgreens. They offer those pretty regular, and especially this time of the year. I know they are coming and I always say I am going to go in ahead of time, when I'm not under time constraints and stressing out, and pick pictures I want to have printed and have them ready to upload and order when the Code comes up.
But have I done it? No. Of course not.
I was just going to pass on it this time, but I follow several coupon/shopping/deal Pages and I kept seeing post after post after post, it was like an entire group of people yelling at me that I needed to get my free pictures ordered NOW.
So I sat here until late picking through and uploading pictures.

I was actually glad after I was done, that I had did it, but man, it's stressing on my nerves while I'm having to do it.

With the two Codes, it ended up being 50 Free Prints. I ordered some of our trip last month when we went up and rode the Blue Ridge train, went up to Brasstown Bald, and our little off-roading adventure.
And other ones I ordered....I "steal" (it's not really stealing when they are sharing) pictures that my Dad, Sister, Cousins, Aunts or whatever other Relatives post of themselves and/or their kids on facebook and get myself a print of it when a Free deal comes along.
I love, love, love digital pictures - that I can take ten-million pictures and not have to pay for film developing or keeping them all in albums or boxes, but I do still love having a picture book to be able to sit and look at.

Then today I sign on to Facebook and OML at all the pre-Black Friday and Big Deals going on today. Free appliances, or $1.99 appliances at Kohl's, a Kitchen-Aid mixer for less than $100.00, a computerized sewing machine marked down three-hundred-dollars at Walmart...and toys and this and that and and and...

I just shut.down. Froze. It quit computing. I had to close the page and get up and go in yonder so I could even think straight again.
I put in a load of laundry and fried us some hamburgers for lunch (and Ryan's dinner at work), then washed some dishes.
Finally I was able to think straight again, and managed to talk myself out of buying all the "Hurry - *Hot* Deal"s.

Hard as it was to pass up Free appliances - even though I didn't need them - I passed them up.
Much as I think I want a Kitchen-aid mixer - my Mom gave me a stand-mixer for Christmas one year and I never even opened the box for however many years I had it. (I gave it back to her later when her stand-mixer blew a fuse, and the first time she used it, it blew up, too.) Back then, I wasn't all that interested in cooking/baking/making my own bread, now I want to try making homemade bread, and seem to think I need a stand-mixer to be able to do it.  But I don't think I really do, and if I really did I could borrow Mom's stand mixer anyway. So I passed it up, too.
The sewing machine would be nice, I think, but even though mine is around 20 to 25 years old and is a pain when the bobbin tangles sometimes, it still works, and I sew so little it just doesn't really warrant buying another machine. I could say that I might sew more if I had a better machine, but I doubt it. If I was going to sew more, I'd do it on the one I have.

And I certainly don't need toys - my kids are adult - but *I* want the Playmobil Rescue Ambulance and all the Lego sets for myself.
I remind myself of all the toys and things that's already clogging my Chi around here as it is.

I decided I'd had enough of this day, and I was going to put on my pj's and go to bed and read and watch Christmas movies. Until I turned around and saw the piles of laundry all over my bed waiting to be folded and put away.


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