Saturday, November 02, 2013

Goodwill Thrift Store

Guess I've been MIA a few days. It's been J's two-weeks off from the ambulance service. He's been gone deer-hunting some of the time...but not enough of the time.

Last weekend I had planned us a family outing, we went up to Blue Ridge, Georgia and rode the Fall Foliage excursion on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
The weekend wasn't without it's difficulties, though I tried to concentrate on the positives and blow off the negs.
I'll try to get around to posting about it on my Family Travel blog sometime this week hopefully.

And the weather and change of the Sun's position isn't helping my moodiness.

Anyhoo....blah blah blah. Yesterday, J decided he'd *fix* the back door deadbolt that ate his key a couple months ago.
Long story short, we ended up going to Home Depot for new deadbolts and doorknobs for both back doors.

While we were out, we went by Kmart to pick up the Free stuff I'd ordered with my Points over the past couple weeks. Ended up with 2 12-packs of toilet paper, and 5 bottles of Dishwashing liquid.

After there, I wanted to go to the Goodwill to look for Christmas sweaters and me some jeans.

My oldest son's fiance' had the idea for all of us to dress in *ugly* Christmas sweaters for our family photo this year and I loved that idea. So I've been trying to look for Christmas sweaters for us at the thrift stores and yard sales this summer, with very little luck. I've only found one so far.
Seems so strange, how everyone hates the Christmas sweaters, and yet I can't find any at thrift stores. Where are they?

I did manage to find myself a couple pair of jeans. A nice pair of Levis and the others are AB, I guess? I'm not familiar with the Label, but they fit my growing arse, so that's all that mattered.
About $7.00 each pair.

I tried on like 7 pairs of jeans around the same sizes, but they all fit so differently, these are the only 2 pair that fit comfortably.

I probably could have found more if I'd tried on more, but I don't really enjoy clothes shopping or trying on clothes, so I settled on these, and maybe I'll try again next time.

While I was looking for myself some jeans, I sent J off to look for some for himself. He found one pair (that I think are a size too short, but if he wants to look like stupid stumpy-man, what do I care?), and a nice looking pair of Field & Stream shorts.
About $7.00 for the Levis, and about $4.00 for the shorts.

I found the boys a pair of shorts. They wear the same size now so it's a little easier.

It's not really shorts season anymore, but finding their size (30 waist) isn't that easy so I grab it when I find it, whatever the season.  Summer'll come back around soon enough.
About $4.00.

Then I checked out the Other Stuff I like to check out, Home Goods and such.

I found a Fire King glass pie plate for about $2.00. Looks like it might be worth a little more, but I actually bought it to use myself. I've always used tin pie pans for pie baking, but decided I wanted to try using glass for a change.

The spinning coffee cup hanger thing was 99¢. Don't know if I'll hang coffee cups on it, or what. It looked like it might have lots of potential uses, in the laundryroom, maybe even the bathroom, or workshop.

Then there was the Salt & Pepper shakers....

I was standing there when the employee put them on the shelf and my first thought was "Those are something."
I didn't know what they were, but I knew they were something, so I grabbed them up.

I tried to read what was written on the bottom, but it was white on white, and I didn't have my reading glasses with me. Tried to get J to help me read them, but he's the same blind as I am.

At first I thought it read "Junior", LOL. Then I traced the first letter with my finger and I thought it was a "T", then I could finally make out the "enton" at the end. Trenton?

Finally the lightbulb clicked on - Fenton.

I don't know from where I know anything about Fenton (an image of my (paternal) Grandmother popped into my mind along with the word, so I assume I heard it from her sometime in the past) but I got out my phone and googled Fenton Salt & Pepper shakers and got my answer.
Yes, I would be buying these for just less than $4.00 for the set.

I'm pretty sure my Mom has some matching pieces to these somewhere.

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