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I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had scored a pretty large haul from Freecycle this week. A lady (cleaning out her Grandmother's house, though I didn't know that at the time) posted a white metal full/twin bunk bed, some Christmas decorations, and some old sheets and towels.

I wanted the bunk bed set and Christmas decorations, and told her I'd also take the sheets and towels off her hands if she'd like. Some people are picky about spreading their things among many people, others just want it gone and if one person will take it, all the better, they don't have to make arrangements 3 or 4 or however many times. This lady just wanted it all gone, and if I would come get it I was welcome to all of it.

This isn't a picture of the bunk bed we got, because it's not put together yet, but it's identical to it.

Some random items found in with the Christmas decor was a ceramic clock gee-gaw, a nose-shaped pencil sharpener, and an Imperial Glass Purple Slag milk/water pitcher.

The Christmas Decor included:

A Giant stocking, (Donated)

 A DIY decorated wreath and lots of bows to decorate more, (Passing on to Crafty Cousin)

Several strings of Mini-lights, and Blue Stars Garland, (Undecided)

Red, beaded ball ornaments, gold garland, gold and red ribbon, (Kept ball ornaments, passing rest to Cousin)

Boxes of glass ball ornaments, (Kept)

A lovely glass Finial Ornament, with it's purchase receipt still in the bag. Holy cow, who pays $15.00 for a single ornament?? Eeeek!

Then there were 2 more of the same Finial Ornaments in the bottom of the bag...that's $30.00 worth of broken right there. Jeeeez lou-weeez.

There were about ten bath towels, a couple of hand towels, some Christmas handtowels, and a bath mat. I kept about three of the bath towels (no, it doesn't gross me out. I wash used things well in hot water) and the Christmas handtowels. The rest I'll carry up to the Animal Control shelter and give to them.

There was a red, microfiber pillow that I kept as an insert and I plan to try to make a pillow cover for it this Summer. The blue/grey neck pillow I tossed in the donate pile.

Many of the sheets were exactly what I would have hoped for, if I'd been hoping, which I wasn't, since I didn't know it was the lady's Grandmother's house at first.
A good many of them turned out to be vintage and/or Percale sheets, which I tend to collect.

Vintage embroidered Mr. & Mrs. pillowcases.

Not sure what it is with elderly people and pillowcases. Several years ago I had acquired a bag of bed linens from an older person and it also contained a random stack of pillow cases.
I like them, but all my pillowcases came with sheet sets.

In the bottom of one of the towel or sheets bags was a couple of shirts and a bathing suit. The shirts are my size, and I'll definitely wear the John Deere T, but not too sure the spangly top is my style.

The bathing suit is my Mom's size. (No, still no gross factor. Just wash it well in Tide and hot water, it'll be fine. Anyway, if it was the Grandmother's, she was 99 years old when she died. I'm going to guess she didn't have Syphilis or anything. If it was the lady's that I got it from, she looked clean and healthy.) It's a really nice suit. I'd wear it myself if it was my size.

While we were loading up this stuff, the lady said she also had a bag of toys and did I want to take them, too? I didn't need toys but I could tell she wanted to get rid of them so I said sure, I'd take them.

In the top right of the top picture is a baggie of plastic, magnetic letters, which I had been wanting some of so I could spray paint them like this Pinterest project, or use them otherwise in some letter-art project.
I had almost bought a package of them at Dollar Tree, but held off, so that was cool to end up getting a bag full for free.

I also kept the Frankenstein mask because I have a Halloween costume collection, and the Barbie dolls.
The rest I had put aside to take to the Thrift store, but as it happened, J's cousin showed up bringing us some eggs, and he has 3 to 5 kids (3 of his own and I'm not sure how many his Woman has, one or two, I think) so I sent it all home with him.

Freecycling is about the best thing since cornbread and pinto beans, you ask me. It may not be walking into a store and getting exactly what I want, but since I don't have too many particular wants, I'm pretty easily satisfied. Plus, if it's not something I want, since it's Free I don't feel bad about passing it along to someone who would.

Okay, so some of you are probably thinking, "But you said you were a Hoarder, and were trying to stop". Both are still true. I still like Stuff a little too well. And more especially Free Stuff.
I have gotten better about when I bring stuff in, I have to take stuff out.

But mostly I share these posts of my Freecycle scores so others can see that it's not always necessary to have to spend and buy to be able to get things you want or can use. Furniture, clothes, toys, Vintage decor, and so much more.

You just have to be open to accepting something maybe a little different than what you might have had in mind...What's better - the $1600.00 diningroom suite you wanted, or the Free one that will work just as well?

My sister (surprisingly enough) furnished my niece's nursery in odd, yard sale and free pieces. My brother-in-law just cleaned up and painted the changing table, dressers and night stand white and put matching pulls on the drawers.  You'd never even have known it wasn't new or non-matching furniture.
(I was really, really proud of them for that. I would have expected her to want all brand new, expensive everything, to be honest.)

I just get really frustrated at Christmas time, when there are so many people on the Free boards begging for someone to give them a Christmas tree, and toys for their kids because they can't afford to, when right after Christmas people were giving away artificial trees and unwanted decor and ornaments right and left.  Right now people are Spring cleaning and getting rid of tons of toys and outgrown clothing.
Why don't they think ahead and start getting ready now? They could have the best, fanciest, richest Christmas ever, and not spend a dime, nor have to beg.
(Although I don't think it bothers a lot of people at all to beg. I don't think they see is as begging, but that they are telling people what they want and are entitled to be given things for some reason. I never will understand some people, I guess.)

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