Sunday, May 25, 2014

MIA *Warning Language*

It's been another week...or so, but this time it wasn't so much that the time passed by so fast (although it did fly by pretty fast), as it was that I've been in a....moody mood.

Not a bad mood - things are going generally okay and I'm keeping up the long as I stay off the internet.

I think I finally decided that it's just too stressful being "normal" in such a mentally-screwed-up world.
And considering how "dicked in the nob" I am myself, that's saying a lot.

I'm just so tired of the way people are...screwed up. You never know what's going to offend their over-sensitive, delicate little sensibilities.
They take offense when it isn't intended, twist shit up, make it into something it's not, make themselves into offended victims.
It just gets so.fucking.irritating.

It makes me want to really give them something to be offended about!

Sorry. Usually I would post my rants in my "Bitch Blog", vent it, get it out, blow it off and be done with it.
But last week I saw one of my posts had nearly 300,000 +1's.
As I understand it, that means that many people read the post, and (google's version of) "Liked" it.
I didn't understand, because according to the blog Stats, the post had only had 2 visitors, and I'm pretty sure both were me.
I tried to figure out where the +1's had come from, where the post might have been posted, or showed up somewhere in Google for the general public to see, but I couldn't find anything. I don't know how Google works anymore, with the whole Circles thing, and all the connecting accounts - whether you choose to or not.

Anyway it freaked me out. I could just see someone taking one part or another of the whole post, post it on some Godforsaken slasher site like Huffpost, and everyone taking swipes at me.
Mostly I don't care what people think, especially people I don't know, but I know I would take it personally, and bad, if that ever happened to me.
So I deleted all the posts, and hope it doesn't show up somewhere later, and quit posting altogether.

I guess I've had the internet version of constipation since then.

Usually I can just laugh and say, "HaaaH! What an idiot!" and scroll on.
Now it's more like, "Can you possibly be any more fucking retarded?!", start a response post, delete the response post because all it would do would piss them off. No one wants to hear the truth anyway.

Not even me.

Seems my hoarding issue is out of control again lately.  I am bringing in way, way  more than is going out. Holy shit, I even filled up my Mom's back porch the other day, because there was no way all the stuff was coming in here. I am back at bursting the seams full again.

Mussssst stahhhhhhp.

I had an extenuating circumstance, though (haha, don't we always?).

Long story short, the man whose house and cats I sit on occasion was ready to clean out his late wife's sewing-craft-storage room. He told me to look in there and take whatever I wanted, and he was going to carry the rest of it back to the Goodwill.

I know you probably won't believe me when I say I didn't really want it all, but what happened was, I didn't feel right picking through the stuff just for what I wanted (which, I admit, turned out to be quite a bit, considering even though there was stuff I didn't really want I kept thinking of family members I thought would. So-n-so does quilting, I bet she'd like these bags of fabric squares, So-n-so crochets, I bet she'd love all this yarn and these hooks...) and leaving the rest for him to have to deal with.

It went from, taking stuff I (or my family) wanted, to "he won't need/want/use this", I'll go ahead and get rid of it for him.
The room was absolutely packed with stuff. I'm talking like 24 Office boxes of fabric, metal shelves stacked with arts and crafts and sewing stuff. The bed was piled up with plastic bags of projects and pieces and parts, the closet was filled nearly to the shelf with more fabric and curtains and sheets and the random glassware hidden away inside a box here and there.

He also mentioned checking the attached bath. I hadn't even realized there was an attached bath. I tried to open the door, and it wouldn't budge! I went around to the hall half-bath and opened the door at the back of it that I had thought was a closet, to find the bathtub room - stacked up with crafts stuff - and then to the left of that was another door, which was another half-bath (toilet and sink), also piled up with more crafts stuff, board games, Yoga things, toiletries, etc.

There was just so much, with no room to do any kind of sorting or organizing, I just started hauling it out and piling it the car. I carried 2 huge loads to my Mom's house up here (they stay in Florida mostly) and brought another huge load home, to be able to sort through it all. Some I'll keep, most I'll give away, and some I'll probably end up donating to the Thrift Store.
I figure his poor wife bought the stuff, she'd probably like for someone to be able to get some use out of it since she can't, rather than it going back to the same place she bought it, to be sold again. (Probably a good 80% of the stuff still had Goodwill tags on it.)

But I left him with a nice, clean, minimalistic spare bedroom and bathroom.
I didn't just take the things out. I also swept cobwebs, the floor, dusted, cleaned the heck out of the bathrooms, getting on my hands and knees to wash the floors.

It was a heck of a lot easier to clean out someone else's place.
Well, especially since it was coming home with me, I guess.

And then I had another extenuating circumstance (I know, right?!).
When I posted about Freecycle recently, I said how I was frustrated knowing that right now there are people cleaning out and getting rid of Christmas things, but instead of thinking ahead and starting now to gather these things and having them for Christmas, people will be all over the free sites come December begging for people to provide them and their kids with a Christmas tree and gifts.

Then I had the idea that *I* could take in the Christmas stuff and toys and keep them and be able to give the people stuff when they're begging for help come December.

I knooow, awfully Democrat/Liberal of me, right??

Never fear, I'm not doing it out any real compassion or generosity or any such muckety-muck.

I saw a meme the other day (that I can't seem to find again) that was Jesus telling the People something to the effect of, "I told YOU to help (the needy), not create a Government (to steal from....)". I can't recall the exact wording.
Anyway, it was right.  *I* should be helping more, if I want to have a leg to stand on when I say the Government should not be in the charity business.

I'm all about helping the truly needy, and do, but I'm often bitter (which makes me tight) when I'm constantly being begged for money and more money from all these millions of charities, while the Government is taking a good chunk of our paycheck in taxes to fund their "aid" programs. Knowing there's little to no oversight in Government, that so much money is misappropriated, wasted, goes to people who aren't really needy, and often ends up in Government employees pockets.
Local, private aid charities would work out much better. People would be more generous - they would be able to afford to be - if they were giving voluntarily, rather than be extorted from by the Government.

Anyway, thing is, I was raised on the saying, "God helps those who helps themselves". (If you don't believe in God, just "Help those who help themselves".) In other words, if someone was a sorry, lazy sombitch, they were (mostly) left to make it on their own. The theory (which worked pretty well, I think, for thousands of years, up until just pretty recently) was that the person would decide if he was hungry enough and wanted to eat, he'd better get off his ass and work. If he didn't want his children or wife to starve, or end up sick or living in a muddy ditch somewhere, he better get off his ass and work.
For the most part, this worked out well. In a community, more (able-bodied) people worked than didn't.
Often times were hard, and people had to help each other out. But everyone was expected to contribute, including the one(s) being helped.

Nowadays? People sit back and expected to handed to, without trying to help themselves, or even help anyone trying to help them. Many of them are not even so much as grateful for the help.
I just do not understand it, at all.

Anyhoo, now that I've gotten older, and have seen and learned more in life, I have come to realize/accept that Stupidity is a legitimate handicap.

Some people need help because they are too fucking stupid to be able to help themselves.

I have the ability to be able to collect the free Christmas items and toys and make sure those people in need come December gets the stuff, so that's what I feel like I should do.

No joke, not long after I decided I was going to do this, I had gone to the grocery store, and on the ground outside of some of those bins that say "Clothing and Shoes Only", "Do Not Leave Items Outside the Box", was a pile of Christmas items, just waiting for me to pick them up.

The boxes of Balls were just stacked up there, not in a bag, as was the big wreath. I couldn't believe someone else hadn't already grabbed the stuff. I even went in and did my grocery shopping and it was still there when I came back out, loaded my groceries, and left, stopping to pick up the stuff on my way out.

I couldn't believe someone tossed all this stuff out. It's all like new. I don't think some of the Ball ornaments had ever even been opened/used. I wonder what the story behind it is.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I also ended up picking up a bag of perfectly good, clean, in excellent condition toys.

There was this whole wooden train set:

And some other random train toys, a toy racecar, and a Matchbox toy.

I put these miscellaneous toys in the yard sale pile, but boxed the complete(?) wooden train set in the Christmas...Hoard.  Some little kid might really like getting it for Christmas.

Earlier in the week I picked up a 7-8' artificial lighted Christmas tree someone was giving away because the lights didn't work, and they were "too lazy" to try to figure out which bulb was causing the outage. SMH.

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