Thursday, May 15, 2014


Daaaang, where did the past week go?

Well, let's see, according to my calendar I keep by my desk so I can kind of keep track of what's going on/has gone on in my life since otherwise I would completely forget...J worked 24/24 last Thursday and Friday.

Weather/rain was moving in on Friday, so I decided to try re-planting the corn in my Three Sisters garden that didn't sprout the first time.

The seeds are the same age as the others - old - so they still might not sprout. I didn't soak them before planting this time. I don't know if that would help or make no difference.

On another note, our potato condos are growing potatoes. I didn't dig the potatoes out of a couple of the bins last year, and now we have new plants growing. I didn't know they would.
It makes sense when you think about it, I guess. I'm just so used to growing plants one time and when they die, they're gone.

Most of Saturday was still nasty and rainy....I say nasty, but I don't mean that in a bad way. I like when it rains every few days, it waters my gardens. But it's just a day you don't want to get out and do stuff.

I've mentioned before that I belong to a couple of local Freecycle groups. Usually I'm acquiring items from people giving stuff away. Sometimes I offer stuff I'm giving away, but not as much lately because I hate waiting for someone that might or might not show up. People are notoriously undependable. I've just been carrying stuff to the thrift store and getting rid of it at my convenience.

Anyway, the other day a person posted looking for some items, a few things but I only remember they needed a table and chairs and were looking for some certain books.
I decided to give them the table and chairs that I had gotten through Freecycle from another person a few months ago, and I had three of the books in the series they were looking for.

They live about half an hour from us, but she was having to go to another town to borrow a trailer to come pick up the table and chairs, which in the end would make it like a two hour trip or better, and many miles out of the way.

As it happened, we've been working on cleaning out Ryan's room (poor thing is a near-hoarder like his Mom) so he could put in a desk and build the super-nice computer he was wanting to build.
A year or so ago (which, given my memory, could have been several years or so ago) J had been given a large, black and brown, corner office desk. Free. We didn't really have a place for it, so I thought my Dad would like it for his office room, but turned out it ended up on the sunporch holding doo-dads and knick-knacks.
Ryan decided he could use it as opposed to spending money on a new one, and Mom's place is not far from where the lady wanting the table and books lived, so I told her we would bring it to her instead of her having to go all that way out of her way to have to come get it.

So we delivered the table & chairs and books, and picked up the desk. Worked out nicely for all.

J worked on Mother's Day - not that it made any difference if he'd been off....I'm not his Mother. Just the Mother of his children, but that means nothing to him.
Oh well, I had a better Mother's Day with him not being here.

For some reason I can't recall at the moment (and likely never will) I decided to start watching Dexter.
Probably some FB friend or other had been talking about it...not that that means a lot, people are always talking about tv shows that I still don't feel interested enough in watching, so I don't know what made me decide I felt interested in watching Dexter.

Anyway. It's okay. Not riveting, like I have to watch it all Truthfully, I'm in the 3rd Season now, and I might not make it all the way to the Finale. I feel like I'm losing interest.

J's been working and/or sleeping (or sick) so we haven't worked anymore on the carport attic project. May be another week before we get a chance to, with his work schedule this week.

We had a nice few days this week, sunny, warm (some people are already complaining about being hot. Bah).
Between the nice rain showers we get every few days, with days of warm sunshine, my rose bushes are absolutely gorgeous this year.

These look pink, on account of the light, but they are actually as Red Velvet as the others. 

The rose bushes are in the front yard, which doesn't get a lot of sun, so generally the roses are fairly scraggly, compared to my across the street neighbors whose roses and other flowering bushes are generally amazing. 

But while I was out looking at mine, I looked over to see how even much better I bet hers looked, and they are all gone! WTH? I guess they mowed all her flowering bushes over for some reason?

I found some other things in the front yard, too. A blackberry bush, maybe?

I've not seen a blackberry bush out there before. We used to keep the yard mowed down and wouldn't have seen a lot of things, but we didn't mow last year and I don't remember seeing them out there then.


Wild Strawberry

Oh look, the roses I've tried repeatedly to tear out/kill.

I can't seem to grow roses I want to, and couldn't get rid of roses I thought I didn't want.

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