Thursday, May 29, 2014

Garden Update

Our tomatoes and peppers this year seem to be loving their new garden spot.

But, it may not be the new garden spot as much as we've just had some nearly perfect gardening weather this Spring (as evidenced by the profusive and lush growth of mine and others' Roses this year).

Whatever the reason, our tomatoes and peppers are coming along pretty well.

We lost a few of the peppers at first, to cats or squirrels, or I'm not sure what, but we have 6 of the Datil peppers left which should still give us a cartload of peppers.

In addition to the Datil peppers, J also planted a row of Serrano Chili peppers yesterday. They, and some Habanero peppers, are ones I didn't intend to grow this year, but I accidently got the seed package wet and I was afraid they would germinate and not be any good.

The peppers aren't growing as quickly as the tomatoes, though, and I'm afraid I'm going to have the tomatoes come and go before we even get any peppers. I need both at the same time to be able to make Salsa.

Or I need to figure out how to "preserve" the tomatoes for a few weeks or a month until I have the peppers ready to add to them.
(Apparently I can freeze them. Gardenweb is so awesome.)
(I can also use the Bishop's Crown peppers I froze last year...if I remember to!)

As far as the Three Sisters garden, na-da. No corn ever came up. I don't know if it's too late to keep trying at this point or not. I would try anyway, if I could ever remember to buy new corn seeds while I'm at the store.

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