Thursday, April 03, 2014

Field Trip! Again

Ugh, I've been on the road more this week than the past few months put together, I think.

On Tuesday, my parents were in town so I went to see them and take my Mom a load of stuff I had been saving up for her out of my coupon/deal shopping and some things I didn't want/need anymore, like a lot of the kitchen items I pared way down on, like Tupperware and utensils I had too many of or just didn't use.

After there I went over to my Aunt's to get my taxes done, but I didn't have all my papers, so we went to Sam's club instead. I had ran out of chicken, so I stocked up on that, and got another 50lb bag of sugar.

Wednesday I probably should have went back to my Aunt's, but didn't feel like it...put it off 'til my favorite time - later.
Then in the afternoon Ryan comes down and tells me he needs to go to Chattanooga to take a test. So I said okay, let's go tomorrow!

Worked out pretty good for me because I learned on Wednesday that (some) Ace Hardware stores are having a great sale through Monday the 7th.

Being constant home remodelers, we go through materials like crayzee! So any time I can get anything I know we'll use on the cheap, it'll save us in the long run when we're not having to pay full price for it.

Being that it's Ace's 90th Anniversary, they have several items on sale for 90¢:
Spackling Compound (for patching all the sheetrock we mess up)
Putty knife
Utility knife
Spring Clamps
Solar Lights
2-cycle Engine oil
6-quart shoe box
and several other things I didn't buy.

The Super glue and Electrical tape are 2 for 90¢.

The extension cords and tape measure are $4.99 each, the Premium Enamel Spray Paint is $1.99.
The home & garden sprayers are $3.99, and the Clorox bleach 99¢.

The Penzoil motor oil is on sale for $2.99...half of these are Ryan's, he stocked up too.

The Round-up weed killer - we don't use chemical weed killer all over the yard or in the garden, but we have to keep the weeds killed off from around our above ground pool or they will damage the liner, so we have to go with some heavy duty stuff there - on sale for $9.99.

I had been needing a new wet/dry vac, but had mistakenly passed up a good deal on one Black Friday before last, and wasn't able to find another deal last year. So I grabbed this 9-gallon Craftsman vac on sale for $49.99 today. Regularly about $70.00.

The paint roller covers I got FREE with this printable coupon. There's a limit of 1 free per purchase of $25 OR MORE, so even you spend $50 or $75 or $100 you don't get 2, 3, or 4 free packs of paint rollers.
Since we were driving to Chattanooga, we stopped in and shopped at a few different stores along the way.

All total I spent around $220.00, but I saved about $250.00.
That's $250.00 I won't have to spend in the future, because I know we'd be buying every bit of this stuff at some point.

Otherwise, I lucked up on a great deal at Target.

J has terrible allergies, pretty much year 'round. For awhile he was taking Zyrtec everyday, but then stopped, I'm not sure why, thought he got immune to them or something maybe.

Then he was taking Mucinex-D practically everyday, which I don't believe is intended to be an everyday medicine like Zyrtec, but to help when you're congested. Not to mention he was taking an unnecessary expectorant at the same time. He wasn't having chest congestion, only sinus.

When I saw that Mucinex had come out with an allergy med, I thought 'awesome'. I don't know if it will work as good as Mucinex-D, because it doesn't have a decongestant, but maybe it'll help some even if just because the name.

I believe - and have witnessed for myself - the effect a person's mind can have on meds' effectiveness. When my Granny decided her meds didn't help her, she was right. When J decides he's "allergic" to a med, he has a reaction. I tell him that I gave him those meds before I knew he was supposedly allergic to them and nothing happened, but he doesn't want it to be true, so he doesn't "hear" me say it.
So, if he believes Mucinex helps him, then they probably will.

When these first came out, the newspaper put out a coupon, and the drug stores put them on sale, so basically between the sale, coupon, and a rebate, you could get them for free.

But then, I don't remember, the weather or something, I was just "meh" instead of going out to buy Sunday papers.

Then, they issued the coupon again, and one of the drug stores had the sale again. Once again, I didn't go get papers, but I did go on eBay and order a set, 10 for $1.75, free shipping.

Unfortunately, it was a Friday when I ordered them, and the sale ended Sunday. Derp.

This time it was a lucky thing I procrastinated so much.
This week Target has the 10 count box on sale for $10.99, buy 2 and get a $10.00 Target gift card.
The manufacturer coupons were $5.00 each, and there was a Target store printable coupon, which you can use together with man. coupons for $2.00 off.
Target also has something called Cartwheel coupons for 10% off Mucinex products you can also use along with the man. and store coupons.  You can get them on your mobile phone, but I printed them off from my computer.
(Target offers so many different coupons now - printable and mobile and Cartwheel and Shopkick and idk what all, it's just so confusing to me, mostly I don't even try.)

$10.99 x 2 = $21.98
- $5.00 mq x 2 = $11.98
- $2.00 tq x 2 = $7.98
- $1.80 Cartwheel (10% off the $21.98 - $4.00 tq's = $17.98)
= $6.18 + .57 tax = $6.75

Rec'd $10.00 Target Gift card = $3.25 profit per each 2 I bought.

So in the end, I got the Mucinex free, and made $16.25.

I'm so tired. Is it terrible that I'm actually kind of glad we're expecting some possible severe weather tomorrow so I have an excuse not to have to go anywhere?

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