Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Gardening Update

Let's see, the last time I posted about my seed-starting efforts, I had grown some Black Russian tomato plants, and the Datil peppers had germinated.

Since then, I have sprouted about 15 Datil pepper plants

And, a good many Beefsteak and Rutgers tomatoes finally germinated, so I got those planted and have a couple dozen tomato plants, give or take.

The thing is, the tomatoes sprouted about a week ago, the peppers about two weeks ago. It seems like once they got to a certain height, they just stopped growing. I guess they've maxed out whatever growth aid the little peat pods can give them.

I diddled around a few days trying to decide what to transplant the plants into.
Previously I had made newspaper seedling pots, and those just didn't work out well for me at all. I see a lot of others on the 'net saying they do it every year, and it's great, but mine, the newspaper sucked all the moisture out of the soil and the seeds either never sprouted, or the sprouts never grew.

Back in mid-March, I had germinated some Black Russian tomato seeds, and then instead of using the little peat pods, had sowed them directly into soil in a plastic plant container.

They all sprouted, but have only grown to a certain size, and seem to have stopped growing.

I don't really understand that because I have seen much larger plants than these sold in these little containers at the store.

Anyway, I didn't want to sow the peppers and tomatoes into a tray like this, only to have to re-sow them again to get them to grow any larger.

In the end, I settled on styrofoam cups. I knoooowww, ugh, so bad.  But it's what I had handy, and also J's partner at work raises plants in styrofoam cups with good results, so I hope for good results, too.

Even though it was in the 60's outside today, there was a chilly breeze and I lost my gardening mojo when I got cold, so I only did this many today. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer and I can get out and do some more.

Oh wait, no, I still have to go to my Aunt's and get those stupid, stupid taxes done. Grrr. F'ing taxes.
I despise having to pay for wars, departments of pork and waste, and especially for multiple multi-f'ing-million-dollar vacations. Grrr!

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