Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Just to clarify, the Easter cartoon videos I had posting these past few weeks wasn't a Religious or any other kind of "Statement".  They were just Throwbacks, cartoons I enjoyed watching as a kid.

Between J getting up to go work and R coming in from work, I was awakened around 7am this morning, and found I couldn't doze back off for another hour or so because I had homemade Reese's Eggs on my mind.  Finally I decided to just get up and make the darn things.

I got the peanut butter/butter/sugar mixture all made up and sitting to cool, and went to get the milk chocolate chips out of the freezer to start melting.  Horrifyingly I found everything but milk chocolate chips - white, double, dark, Heath, Butterscotch, mint....

I jumped on the 'net and checked and saw that Dollar General was open. DG is walking distance right up the road, but I didn't have time today to walk so I drove up there.
They had Nestle Tollhouse milk choc chips, but they weren't priced. There was the store brand price, and the Nestle Semi-sweet chips on sale for $2.65.
I figured if the Semi-sweet chips were on sale for $2.65, the Milk choc chips were probably over $3.00, but at that point I was willing to pay out the nose to avoid having to go to Walmart.

I also grabbed a bag of brown sugar while I was there since I was nearly out and had added it to my list this morning.

I went to check out, what should have been $7 - $8, and the cashier said "That'll be $1.57".

I was stunned for a moment, but then I thought, Did what I think happened, just happen?
I paid and got my receipt and sure enough! I had accidently found a Penny item!

I couldn't believe it, of all the luck, on something I really needed and was willing to way over-pay for.

Since the cashier didn't notice they were Penny items to tell me no, I went back to get the rest of them. There was only 2 bags left, but I'm not complaining!

I got the Reese's eggs done, the car loaded, and me and Kev headed out. We picked up my oldest son and his girlfriend, and went to Mom's for Easter dinner.

We had a nice gathering, and dinner, as usual, was plentiful and delicious. Mom made a lemon meringue pie with lemons from a tree she raised. Double score! She grew it herself, and Ryan and I looooove lemon meringue pie.

But I was a total fail at the Easter Egg Hunt this year.
Honestly, I didn't realize I was always in charge of the Egg Hunt. My kids are grown.
We didn't hide eggs last year - but then they reminded me I didn't go to their house last year, I went to my cousin's and there were no little kids.
Not really sure exactly what I was thinking, but apparently it didn't involve an Easter Egg Hunt.

Anyway, I had taken my Mom a couple bags of pre-wrapped hide & seek marshmallow eggs, and she donated some of them to the cause, so the boys hid the eggs, and the only two littlest ones hunted them.

It turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny, warm - but not hot or humid - perfect Easter Sunday.

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