Friday, April 18, 2014


Last year, I had a really "Duh" moment when it occurred to me that Bees were important for gardening, and that was when we decided to allow our yard grow up in the Spring, instead of running out to cut it as soon as it started growing the least little bit.

Because our yard, full of what most call "weeds" is actually thousands and thousands of a hundred different variety of Flowers.

Beautiful flowers. It's frustrating because I can't manage to capture the beauty, what I see, with my camera.
Doubly frustrating because even in person, most look at the yard and see a neglected-looking, weed-infested, over-grown mess.

When actually it's a vast collection of lovely, colorful Spring wonderfulness. Literally every bit of what you see in the picture has some kind of flower on it. White, purple, pink, yellow, blue. Some are so tiny you have to get close in to see, but they are there.

Star of Bethlehem
There are gorgeous patches and patches of these beautiful white flowers. This picture don't do it justice at all.

Fields of these dainty, lovely yellow flowers.

Unknown name, resembles a Daisy

Purple Violets
Large patch of lovely, delicate White Violets.

White Violets
Hello, Bee.

That there is a Carpenter Bee. Exterminators and others will tell you these Bees are the worst thing ever.
We swat away the ones up at the house, digging and drilling into the wood, but we don't kill them on account of they're excellent pollinators.

When the weather is nice, I hang out a good bit on my back porch, and I look out over the back yard and am just awed by all the beautiful flowers.

I wonder, how can they not see?

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