Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our New (to us) Camper

I had been looking for a little camper for us for awhile, and finally found it yesterday.
It's an approximately mid 80's, 12-and-a-half foot Scotty by Serro.

I don't know what happened to the original Scotty trailer, but the camper was moved onto a custom, homemade trailer, with room for a tool box up front and a nice bike or cooler/storage bins (or dead deer) rack on the back.

When you come in the door, the stove and sink is the right, or front. The toilet/shower is straight ahead.

The "rear" of the trailer is two seats and a table that folds down into a bed. The cabinet above also folds down and out to make a whole nother approximately full-size bed.

Refrigerator, heat and air unit in the ceiling.


This is the first camper we've ever owned - we pretty much have no idea what we're doing LOL.

Starting to look forward to our Road Trip that I hadn't really wanted to go on next week.

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