Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Mantel Decorating

After decorating my kitchen fireplace mantle/mantel for Fall, Halloween, and Christmas , I had considered doing a "Winter", "Valentines", "St. Patrick's Day", etc. theme for the next few months, but then decided it was too much trouble, and stuff.

Stuff I need to be getting rid of. I was kinda proud of myself earlier, when I was sorting some through some stuff to keep or get rid of and came across a bag of Valentines cards, candy containers, decor and more. And 2 vinyl Valentines tablecloths.

Most of the cards was boxes of the kind kids exchange in elementary school so I knew I didn't need those, and some of the decor I decided I didn't want to hang on to. But I was pretty torn on the candy containers. They're so cute. They might be "kitsch" one day. I love kitsch.
But oh well, I've got kitsch coming out of my ears as it is, so I let it all go.

I allowed myself to keep one of the vinyl tablecloths, though. Tablecloths come in handy.

So anyway, I have a lot of vintage kitchen-y things like vintage Pyrex and enamel cooking pots, so I decided I'd go with a "Vintage Kitchen" display theme.

But it's not working for me. I'm not feeling this.

This isn't everything I have, but I picked out a few pieces to start with, and would add or subtract or whatever was needed once I got an arrangement going on. Only, I can't seem to get an arrangement going on.

We replaced one of the upstairs' really old windows a couple of weeks ago, so I used part of it for my "vintage" display,'s just boring.

Other people turn Pyrex dishes up-side-down to stack like this and it looks great. I do it and.....nope, not that great.

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