Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

So my last post was on Tuesday, two days ago (my sense of time seems to be even more screwy than usual). We had gotten some sleet, but more rain. The temps dropped some by the evening, to right around freezing, sometimes a degree above, sometimes a degree below.
We ended up with some small icicles hanging from the edges that night.

Wednesday morning was not really different than Tuesday night, but the news was on repeatedly talking about how, don't be deceived by the first part of the Storm not being too bad, rest assured, the worst is yet to come. "Ice storm of historic proportions", "Catastrophic".

Even though I was as ready as I could get here, I get upset easily. I didn't want to deal with the Horror they were describing was coming, trees falling, power outages. Plus R had to go into work that night. J was supposed to be off but I was afraid if he came home, it'd be too dangerous for him to try to get back to work today.
I was just a total nervous wreck, nearly in tears, and my chest hurt with anxiety.

R finally decided to go on into work early. I packed him enough to eat for weeks, probably, and sent him blankets, pillows, a comforter and a foam mattress pad since he was going to have to be sleeping on a tile covered concrete covered floor because his boss(es) the freaking 911 and EMA Directors no less, had no plan for the 911 operators. No place to sleep, as far as I know no arrangements for food.

I guess I exhausted myself with all my worrying, and slept off and on most of the morning, then finally I turned off the news and watched two or three movies on Netflix and some Hoarding shows and napped off and on. And ate.

During the day we had gotten some sleet/snow/wintry mix, but not much, a dusting. I could still see grass. Nothing like two weeks ago.

Sometime after dark it started strictly snowing. I was up around 5am and the yard was more covered, and huge, huge flakes were falling.

I couldn't get any decent pictures in the dark so I went back to bed and got up after daylight.

This was nothing like what we got two weeks ago. The temps were much higher - 30's compared to teens and single digits - not as much accumulation, the snow was really wet.
I don't know, not being a weather expert, the technicalities of it all, but it was just a lot different. More like what we're used to, actually, when we do get this kind of weather.

Now, I can't speak for other parts of the state, what they got. North of us got all snow, lots of it, and no sleet. South of us got more ice and less sleet or snow.

When I got out around 9am this morning to look around, the sun was out and the snow and ice is rapidly melting.

Icicles on the front awning.

Icicles  from the back porch.

Front yard, driveway melting.

The road was just slush. We never had a salt truck or plow come through here.

This is something new since we got a metal roof put on a few months ago. Used to with our shingle roof, any snow would just melt in place and run off as water.

But with the metal roof, large sections of snow/sleet just slide off and hit below with a loud "thwoomp!".
There's an a/c unit below my bedroom it hits and scares the tar out of you when you aren't expecting it - which most of the time, you aren't.

My (uneducated) observation is that what happened over the past couple of days was like a reverse Winter-Spring fight, opposite of a severe thunderstorm, possibly tornado.

Warm moisture comes up from the south-west, cold air from the north, generally gives us thunderstorms. It did cause severe weather down in central Florida.

Over in Birmingham they were reporting "thundersnow", which is basically when you see lightning and hear thunder during a snow storm.

On one hand, hopefully this was the beginning of Spring coming in. On the other, hopefully it's not a harbinger of a very rough Spring coming in. Ugghhhh.

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