Saturday, February 15, 2014

Impromptu Family Outing

R mentioned something the other day about wanting to go to the shooting range and try out his new gun he bought recently, so when J came in from work Saturday morning, we all decided to go, because why not.

R and J  loading up.

Here's me shooting my revolver I've had longer than I've had two of my kids. People are often surprised to learn that I own my own gun, and have since I was pretty young, about 20, if I remember rightly. I'm not sure if it's because they think I'm too...timid? or are surprised I never actually kilt anyone (I used to have a really, really bad temper.)

Throat punch nothing, I'll throat shoot an intruder.

Thing was, I was aiming for the face/brain. I thought the gun would kick up, so I aimed for the throat. I was kinda amazed when I actually hit where I aimed. (Sometimes. As you can see, sometimes I missed, too.)

R instructing K how to load and (cock?) the pistol. K's not too much into guns - he'd go all mid-evil and hack an intruder up with a sword before he'd shoot them, probably - but despite that, he's a really good shot.

K shooting the pistol.

R shooting his new (rifle?).

J instructing me and K about how to shoot his (Glock whatever). Ha. Like we were going to shoot that thing?

Me shooting J's (Glock whatever). I was skeered, didn't like it. Think I'll just stick with my "pea shooter".

After shooting, we stopped at an awesome little BBQ place on the way back. It's called, Log Cabin BBQ, and is inside an authentic, old log cabin.

It was nice to get out and go do something fun. Well, go do something fun. I didn't really care if I got out, neither does Kev. We're both home bodies and could stay home and never leave and would be fine. Except we like to go and do things sometimes. We just don't get out for the sake of getting out of the house because of cabin fever or anything.

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